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Lee Bob Watson - "Let the Hate In (I Won't)"

Monday, May 11, 2009
review by Robbie Santos

Lee Bob Watson’s track “Let The Hate In (I Won’t)" comes from his CD Family Album (Grass Roots Record Co.). Watson does not adhere to a set genre and is not quite country or indie rock. But rather, he brings together a unique blend of folk, country, and soul-jazz. Heavily influenced by the music of the late 60’s and 70’s, he combines different several layers into a distinct sound punctuated by his soulful vocals.

Lee Bob Watson passionately proclaims in his track that “I won’t let the hate in” with a country, gentlemanly like drawl on top of a steel guitar. The virtues of perseverance and faith through hard times seep through the song, leaving the listener with a simple message of optimism. Watson lets his talents shine through as the track expresses the story being told by a man and his guitar. He lays down bluesy, rhythmic guitar solos as his vocals echo the plight of the everyday person. The sound is completely organic and never comes across as forced, taking on a kind of a grassroots charm which makes it easy for the listener to identify with the message Watson is trying to send.

Lee Bob Watson’s track, “Let the Hate In (I Won’t)”, presents the soul-searching quality that the blues brings about but as well as his own unique sound. In these difficult times, it is easy to delve into negativity and spread it to others but Watson encourages hope and love through his catchy, nuanced song.

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Let The Hate In (I Won't) (mp3)


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