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The Love Language - "Sparxxx"

Monday, April 13, 2009
review by Perry Chavez

Sparxxx is an experience that is lighter sound-wise than the Love Language’s debut single Lalita with a bouncy guitar and harmonies that channel the Beach Boys. It has a somber tone in comparison but equal amounts of awesome.

More emphasis is placed on the melody and vocals on this track as they sweep over the fast guitar whose prominence sometimes changes and can be sparse at other times. The melody’s notes rise and release, like a cold, refreshing wave at the beach, into the chorus. It would be a shock to find that the Love Language’s Stuart McLamb was not influenced by 60s pop because this song unconsciously has what seems to be influences of artists of that period.

The song feels naturally a piece of that time period but with a modern twist because it rocks way more than anything could back then.

The tone is surprisingly upbeat for a song that describes the singer’s “heart in ruin”, but then you hear that the tone is inspired by “white lies [that] have set [his] heart on fire” as he continues to describe that a girl he was smitten with wants to watch his heart in pain. It then all makes sense. He’s angry, he wanted her to “blow [him] away, like a birthday candle” instead of watching him squirm, and it’s chilling to hear him end the song chaotically as he emphatically screams “do what you, want!” because that’s exactly what she did to him.

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