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Los Campesinos -- You! Me! Dancing!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009
review by Lorraine Chambers

"You! Me! Dancing!" begins with a slow introduction, and then explodes into a surging wave of guitar strumming fun! You start jumping around and wishing that your earplugs had a longer cord! Then the singer begins to talk--is that a Welsh accent from a band named Los Campesinos? Yes, this is not a band from East L.A. This is a Welsh big band of seven! Back to the song, who cares where the band is from, we're having too much fun jumping around to this song! It's recess time again back in the schoolyard - get crazy!

Very reminiscent of the power pop scene pogo pits during the early punk days of the 70's. Yes - this is 'bedroom dancing' just like the singer says. (Resume bouncing around!) Whew! A wee bit of a rest with a melodic break with taps sounds tapping into a gunning taps rhythm. Another buildup to more madness?? Relax, there is more chatting, now we hear a female voice...oh wait, back to more 'Bedroom Dancing'! This song should be played daily so listeners got there heart rates up! Pure fun!

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You! Me! Dancing! (mp3)


Anonymous website design said...

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September 16, 2009 2:34 AM  

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