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Half Pint -- "Just Be Good To Me"

Thursday, December 31, 2009

review by Emily Woodman-Nance

Half Pint is a Reggae artist who originates from the West Kingston enclave of Rose Lane a community that has produced the likes of Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Peter Tosh, Lee “Scratch” Perry and a host of other international Reggae superstars. Half Pint is no stranger to decades of success and good music. His prolific song writing ability was officially recognized in 1987 when world renowned rock group, The Rolling Stones made a rock version of his #1 hit “Winsome” and renamed it “Too Rude”; and by the pop group Sublime’s adaptation of “Loving” in 1996. Half Pint’s has left his eternal prints on numerous movie soundtracks, made “raggamuffin” a universal term and received several awards.

The track “Just Be Good To Me” from the album “Past to Present” is another hit. It was released the same year that Half Pint won two World Music Awards. “Just Be Good To Me” immediately puts you in a relaxed and reflective mood. It gives you the space to think about how outside forces can disrupt a perfectly good relationship. The following lyric puts everything into perspective., “All dis stuff a he say and she say ohhh”. It made me think about if you permit “outside” negative conversations to seep into your relationship, it can cause misunderstandings. When you think about it the essentials elements of a relationship really boils down to what a couple thinks, feels and how they treat each other. It has nothing to do with what others may say or attempt to interject in the relationship.

For this track, Half Pint veered away from ragga (dancehall reggae). “Just Be Good To Me” is a slower tempo with mystical strumming of the guitar and hints of the harmonica. It is capped off with the “listen to what I have to say vocals” of Miki Howard. It is a must hear if you have loved, want to be loved or simply want to reflect on love!

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Just Be Good To Me Feat. Miki Howard (mp3)


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It has nothing to do with what others may say or attempt to interject in the relationship.

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