El Brujo

Position: Security

Species: Cat

Sex: Female

Birthplace: Unknown

Physical Description: Maybe 6, 7 lbs, about a foot long, black angora/persian mix, I guess, with a silver blaze at her forehead.

El Brujo's not the easiest person to get along with: I mean, I told her I was putting together staff profiles for the web page, right? And I asked if she could maybe write a little something about herself for me.

I was sitting at my desk when I asked, and she was nestled amongst the shredded remains of the blotter pad on top of her desk. Well, her eyes slitted open, her ears twitched, her tail gave one little lash, and the long drawer of my desk shot open, slammed into my chest, knocked the breath out of me. Little flying things suddenly filled the air, stuck to my face, coated my glasses, tangled in my beard, got into my mouth with a taste like envelope flaps....

While I peeled all the Post-It notes off myself, I came to realize that El Brujo was not going to help me out with this.

So I'll just tell you what I know about her.

Like most cats, she doesn't give her real name, using instead the name of whatever position she happens to be holding in the Scheme of Things at the time. That's how a female cat ends up being called El Brujo: it's just her job title, when you get right down to it.

She's a magician, and as head of security for our branch of "Hey, Your Nose is on Fire" Industries, she mainly has to make sure that the protection wards around our office remain inviolate. She can do this literally in her sleep, so the job suits her just fine.

And that's about all I know, really, and I'm the one who hired her in the first place. You'll learn more about her in later installments of the History of the Darkling Eclectica that I'm posting in another part of this web page.

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