Carmen Lacertae

Position: Chaircreature

Species: CorDash

Sex: Female

Birthplace:MalTen Hills, DelFrays

Physical Description: 6'1", 172 lbs, turquoise eyes, skin usually an off-white, pearl color, though it takes on other tints depending on her mood.

Yes, Carmen is an extraterrestrial, but she doesn't want anyone to make a big deal out of it. The way the intercauseways work, she tells me, she might not even be from our universe let alone our galaxy. So don't get all excited about proof of intelligent life in space: her people probably don't exist in our dimension anyway.

Carmen comes from a planet she calls something like Cairn: when she says it, she gives it this little cough at the beginning that I'm sure we don't have a letter for in English. DelFrays--I've been spelling it "DelFrace" for years, and only now does she tell me "DelFrays" is a better transliteration--anyway, it's a country of mountains and coastlines sticking out of the western edge of one of Cairn's northern continents kind of like Spain sticks out of Europe.

By her own account, Carmen's a typical DelFraysian. See, on Cairn, DelFraysians are known for two things: musical/theatrical festivals and good business sense. I mean, for all the festivals put on in DelFrays every year, according to Carmen, not one ever loses money.

Anyway, Carmen produced a score of festivals while she was getting her business degree at DelFrays University, and her starring roles in several musical productions got her pretty good notices. But the call to business was too great, and she was hired by "Hey, Your Nose is on Fire" Industries right out of college.

We're her first posting out here, and I think she does a terrific job with the show. Heck, I was acting chaircreature for a year before she came on board, and I hated coming up with stuff for every show. I still have some latitude on the playlist, but for the most part, what you hear each week comes from Carmen, though now that I think about it, I don't think she's ever actually spoken a word over the air....

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