Michael H. Payne

Position: Air Personality

Species: Human

Sex: Male

Birthplace: Newport Beach, California

Physical Description: 5'11", 160 lbs or so, dark hair, bearded, wears glasses, kinda typical-looking, all told.

I won't pretend someone else is writing this and do it in the third person, and I also won't pretend that my life is more interesting than it actually is. I'm just this guy who does a weekly radio program.

Well, I'm also a writer. I've had short stories published in magazines ranging from Asimov's Science Fiction to Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy to Tomorrow Speculative Fiction. If you're interested in a semi-chronological list of my stuff and where it's appeared, click here.

I'm also a musician, playing guitar and singing two masses a week at the local Catholic church. And I spend 26 hours a week behind the front desk of the city library. It all keeps me off the streets, I guess.

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