The Darkling Eclectica Summer Schedule of Regular Programming

Episode 1994, June 19, 2022, through
Episode 2008, September 25th, 2022

As we draw closer, ever closer, to the present year with our episode numbers, it gets harder and harder to pretend that this weekly program isn't either a habit or a vice. Possibly both, now that I think about it...

We spent the first few weeks of summer indulging in the first Mahlerthon in a number of years, then we moved on to the Canadian musical-adventure series Neil the Horse and the Big Banana.

After that, a classic adventure serial from the folks at ZBS Media from nearly 50 years ago now! Moon Over Morocco will air during the first hour of the show for 10 weeks, so stand by for that!

And as far as this season's schedule of Special Programming is concerned, a happy little click here will reveal all!

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