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Featured Article
Ross Blomgren of Becoming the Lion
An Interview
by: Marmar

Marmar, of KUCI’s World Without Words was lucky enough to get into contact with Ross Blomgren, the one and only man behind the supreme post-metal, post-rock, progressive act Becoming the Lion. Check out their Bandcamp Bandcamp where you can download all of their releases for however much or little as you wa...

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Featured Review
New in the KUCI Classical Library
by: Hobert Taylor

Roger Davidson - Universal Sacred Music for Chorus - (Soundbrush Records)
This collection of three masses is a graceful exploration of ecumenical devotion. While following the presentational structure of the Catholic mass, Davidson uses not only European classicism and the expected Latin text, but folk tunes in the Hebraic tradition, Hindu text, and various Native American, Islamic, and Zoroastrian influences. Particularly revelatory is Missa Universal VI, "The Names of God".

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Featured Host Spotlight
Spotlight on Liz Wood
host of Neon Daydreaming
by: Barbara DeMarco-Barrett

Tell me about your show at KUCI.
Neon Daydreaming originally started out last year as all synth-pop music, but has transformed into something much larger, covering more genres and taking more and more influences from my personal life. Whatever songs that I've had stuck in my head in the past week usually end up on the airwaves on Friday mornings at KUCI. I also try to showcase brand new releases, especially from local/LA band...

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New in the KUCI Classical Library - September 27, 2015 by Hobert Taylor

New in the KUCI Folk Library - October 1, 2015 by Hobert Taylor

Spotlight on Michaela Holland - KUCI News Director and host of Campus Skinny, Monday 5-6pm by Barbara DeMarco-Barrett

Thursday 's Program Schedule
 click here for more show info.
 12:00am-2:00am Melodic Spectrum
  The Melodic Side of Techno, Trance, House and Downtempo
  w/ Kumashi
 2:00am-4:00am The Comedown
  Music to Chill Out to
  w/ Jessica Lo
 4:00am-6:00am Mystic Parfait
  Sounds for Your Inner Journey
  w/ Thira
 6:00am-8:00am The Casual Collective
  Music for Driving Slow and Smelling the Roses.
  w/ DJ Steven
 8:00am-8:30am Irvin in Irvine
  Engineers Are People Too
  w/ Irvin Huang
 8:30am-9:30am In the Garden
  Home Gardening
  w/ UCCE Master Gardeners
 9:30am-10:00am Home Plate
  Galley Girl is in Your Kitchen!
  w/ Kelly von Hemert
 10:00am-12:00pm The Bat Cave
  Miscellaneous Metal from Dancing in the Dark to Drinking in the Park
  w/ Jesse
 12:00pm-2:00pm Carpe Diem
  Test the Boundaries. Seize the Moment.
  w/ Evan Washington
 2:00pm-4:00pm The Crescendo
  Everything from Post Rock to Hardcore
  w/ Brandon
 4:00pm-5:00pm Real People of Orange County
  A Interesting Look at O.C's Best and Brightest
  w/ Kimberlee Martin
 5:00pm-5:30pm Counterspin
  Syndicated Programming from Media Watchdog Organization FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting)
  w/ FAIR
 5:30pm-6:00pm Planetary Radio
  Explore Space with the Planetary Society
  w/ Mat Kaplan
 6:00pm-8:00pm The Junkyard
  One Man's Trash is Another One's Treasure
  w/ DJ Megnifique & DJ Royal-T
 8:00pm-10:00pm Mosaic of Sound
  Listen Now! Groovy Mix of Neo-Soul, R&B and Alternative
  w/ DJ Shaunie
 10:00pm-12:00am The Mason Show
  Groovy Jazz Tunes To Funk To
  w/ Mason
 12:00am-2:00am Subtract Division
  Beats, Bass Music, Dance, Instrumentals
  w/ Bear
Search Schedule

KUCI Top 30
September 14th - 21st, 2015
1 SAY HI Bleeders Digest (Barsuk)
2 YOUTH LAGOON Savage Hills Ballroom (Fat Possum)
3 TELEKINESIS Ad Infinitum (Merge)
4 SOREN BRYCE Soren Bryce (Washington Square)
5 FIDLAR Too (Mom And Pop)
6 HALF MOON RUN "Turn Your Love" [Single...

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