AAC (Hi-Quality) (44k)
MP3 (56k | 128k)

 Stream Problems?
If you are having problems listening to our streams, please contact KUCI computing at computing@kuci.org.

 Web Browser Stream
The easiest way to listen to our stream is right inside your browser!

Click here to open a new window with the stream player.

This should work in all modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 10/11)

 AAC / MP3 Stream
-You need VLC or an equivalent MP3 player to listen to the MP3 or AAC streams.

To listen manually:
-Open your MP3 player, click on 'Media - Open Network Stream' and type or cut and paste http://kuci.org/mp3stream.m3u (for 56k) or http://kuci.org/128mp3stream.m3u (for 128k)

Click here to get an mp3 player.


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