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New in the KUCI Rock Library
November 5, 2010
by: Lily C and Tan D

William Ryan Fritch - Music For Honey - Asthmatic Kitty
This record is epic in a unifying sense, bringing together elements of ecstatic drums, chimes, pianos, clapping, and wandering violins. Half way through it redeems itself also as an RPM release matching previous purely instrumental rhythms with computerized bass sounds. These songs can send your mind wandering through a vast Sahara while juxtaposing back quickly to a backyard country setting. At times these songs seem classical but in an eerie yet enchanting way.

Bikini - Ripjds - Lefse Records
A very upbeat record with catchy electronic beats. Ambient, bubbly, and euphoric but by no means minimal. The singers voices often layered are longing and enticing.

Sleeping in the Aviary - Great Vacation - Science of Sound
This album has a comical, dreamy, tenderness about it, while remaining high tempo. Hints of banjos, trumpets and harps spice up the tracks on this record.

Jonquil - One Hundred Suns - Dovecote Records
This three piece band from Oxford, England knows how to create catchy belt em out tracks, makes you instantly want to hum along. Often accompanied by trumpets, some of the guitar rhythms seem infused with island flavor.

The Philistines Jr. - If a Band Plays In The Woods...? - Tarquin Records
The lyrics are comical and self reflective. The rock and electronic instrumentation seems to bring the songs optimism and hope.

Maserati - Pyramid of the Sun - Temporary Residence Ltd.
The album opens shrouding the listener in bizarre yet intriguing electronic synths bringing the listener closer to their dark yet mysterious sounds. Following close behind with their rippling, kaleidoscopic guitar riffs and pulsing percussion, sending listeners into a dancey trance.

Summer Twins - The Good Things - Self Released
This band consists of two girls from Riverside, CA. They create dreamy, summer pop about longing and the good things in life.

Violens - Amoral - Friendly Fire Recordings
Beautifully uplifting, layered, echoing vocals accompanied by solid crunching, electric guitars and loud percussion. This 3 piece band hailing from New York claim influences of "60s psychpop, Roxy music, 80s trash metal, and Miami freestyle", evident in their chimerical, nostalgic psychedelic sound.

Fops - Yeth Yeth Yeth - Monotreme Records
Instantly luring, with at times distantly, morbid lyrics, accompanied by whaling, pounding synths or a combination of the two. Altogether unified by retorting guitar rhythms and occasional Nintendo blips.

Lily Bee - Daydream at Midnight - Self Released
Lily Bee is a UC Irvine alumni, so show her some love! Her songs are playfully romantic, at times sounding like island cafe music, with dreamy guitar strumming, trumpets, cellos, and bells.


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