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New in the KUCI Rock Library
November 18, 2010
by: Lily C and Tan D

Eux Autres - Broken Bow - Bon Mots Records
This group is comprised of a brother (singer/ guitar) sister (singer) and a drummer. Their songs have a minimalist, beachy, dream pop sound. Most of their songs are about "skewed observations and fierce barbs" but they make these things fun to sway back and forth to. Most of the songs make you wanna break into some kind harmonizing or rhythmic clapping.

Hellogoodbye - Would It Kill You? - Rocket Science Ventures
Coming out of Long Beach, CA these tracks have a romantic, beachy pop sound. In some ways these songs are cute but still have a rock, guitar ridden edge to them. The singer has a very beautiful solid voice, most songs include guitar, piano, drums and some include ukuleles and violins.

Kisses - The Heart of the Nightlife - This is Music
These songs are written by two lovers from Los Angeles. The tracks are very charming and have a slight disco and/or 80s flair. Many of them seem very happy but within that happiness is a darker side.

The Greenhornes - **** - Thirdman Records
This album is definitely drunk off rock and roll, spinning through garage rock, new wave, and 60s inspired psych. The guitar rhythms and vocals are solid and dance-able. Some of the tracks have a mystically, exciting Strawberry Fields Forever sound.

Jamaica - Cross the Fader - CTRLFRK
Jamaica comes out of Paris, France and their sound is fast paced rock , with catchy vocals, hypnotizing guitar and drum beats. These tracks make me wanna jump all over the place with my eyes closed. Overall these tracks are infectious leading to varying levels of addiction.

Soft Circle - Shore Obsessed - Post Present Medium
This album is being released through No Age's record label, Post Present Medium. These tracks have poppy chanting vocals entrenched in soundingly futuristic funky synths.

Charles Bradley - No Time for Dreaming - Daptone Records
I adore this record for its soulful sensibility and "baby" encompassing beats. Charles Bradley's voice is heavy and raspy full of passion and yearning. Considerably R&B, most of the songs are about love and pain, sounding as if there from another time, but make you happy to find out their made in the present.

Deluka - You are the Night - Vel
The sound of Deluka is fast paced electro, rock with strong yet luscious vocals. These tracks are upfront, girl laden, and somehow fluffy punk.

Various Artists - Kanine Radio Sampler - Kanine Records
The Kanine Radio Sampler is a compilation coming straight from the depths of Kanine Records. The sampler includes Surfer Blood, Eternal Summers, Pepper Rabbit, Young Prisms, Dream Diary, and Braids. I highly recommend checking out this album if your into "dream-punk", "indie-pop-experimental-shoegaze", "pastels pop", or anything in between.

Moon Pearl - Pearl Jams - Self-released
Moon Pearl is comprised of UCI students and alumni alike, Paul Mceldowney, Sam Farzin, Katherine Tilford, Jack Bartlett, Matthew Towels, John Nguyen, and Michael Mermelstein, most of them KUCI djs! This album is awesome, loud shoe gazey, psych rock with lots of chanting and a definite bite. Fun music to jump around to and bang your head on. Show some love!!

Antony & The Johnsons - Swanlights (Secretly Canadian)
Recorded with the London Symphony Orchestra and Danish National Chamber Orchestra, Swanlights touches on all of Antony's usual themes - mortality, love, friendship, and the mystery of life, all sung in his clear, broken, and ethereal voice.The one relies heavily on images from the natural world, particularly the sea. There's a kind of golden sheen to these songs that we haven't heard before. Track 9 features a beautiful duet with Bjork and is sung in Icelandic. Check this out. ? Erica M.

The Corin Tucker Band - 1,000 Years (Kill Rock Stars)
Sleater Kinney fans enter here. I confess that what I really wanted to hear from Corin was another SK album since it's been a long four years since their breakup. But that's not what this is, though there are a few rockers (e.g. 2, 5, 7,) that could easily have fit in on one of their albums . "Doubt" in particular shows Corin's considerable chops as a vocalist and guitarist and I listened to it a full 3 times in a row LOUD, unable to get enough of its infectious hand-claps, driving guitars and that voice that seems to call all women everywhere to press their metaphorical balls to the wall and ROCK. But now the girl who once wanted to be your Joey Ramone is a married mother of two with new issues to explore. And she does it beautifully. The rest of the album is a slow burn built of nonetheless satisfying acoustic guitars, piano, strings, subtler vocals, and mature themes of love, loss, and struggle. ? Erica M.



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