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New in the KUCI Rock Library
The Naked and the Famous - Passive me, Aggressive You (Somewhat Damaged)
Most of the album in a nutshell: catchy, electronic beats and vocals. Not dancey in the typical ?unce unce? kind of way, but definitely danceable. Track 3 is darker and very guitar heavy. 5 is slow. 6 is dreamy. --Tan D

Oh Land - Oh Land EP (Epic)
Dancey electropop. Very talented vocalist. More dancey than experimental, but she does have those when moments when she slows down. When she does, she comes off much brighter than anything Fever Ray would produce. --Tan D

Sorry No Ferrari - Ternary (Stickfigure)
Kind of mathy,proggy, instrumental rock. Interesting dual guitar stuff goes on at the same time. --Tan D

Stark - Race To The Floor (Self Released)
Female fronted band. Straight up rock, little punky. Would be great in any dive bar, where Lani Ford bashes your face in for requesting Freebird. --Tan D

Lavinia - There is a light between us (Myelin Sheath)
Slow, brooding, post rock. Bleak. Vocals tend to be pretty low volume, in the not so srcreamy Deftones kind of way. The driving force behind most of the songs is the bass, with the guitars and vocals seeming to just fill the space. --Tan D

The Radio Department - Never Follow Suit (Labrador)
Swedish. Chill dream pop. Never Follow Suit is the single of one of their albums. --Tan D

Marnie Stern - ST (Kill Rock Stars )
Awesome guitar playing, along with Zach Hill on the drums. Marnie has a tendency to double tap her guitar, so sometimes its hard to tell if it is just her on the guitar and Hill on the drums, or if there are two guitarists. Musically, there is lots of frantic guitar playing going and wailing over everything else. It all works out really well. This is definitely a great album for anybody that hasn?t checked out the more technical indie rock out there. --Tan D

Infantree - Would Work (Vapor Records)
Newly signed to Neil Young's Vapor Records label, this young band comes to us from Calabasas, CA. Despite their name and age (3/4 of the band are under 21), there's nothing particularly juvenile about this band. On the contrary, their lyrics and musical abilities display talent far, far beyond their years--these guys are definitely old souls. All three members sing, play various instruments, and write songs for the band, making for a unique interplay of acoustic guitars, banjos, mandolins, drums, and vocal harmonies. It isn't quite rock but it isn't quite folk. It's just damn good. "Mourning Glory" is the standout track -- Tim Buckley-ish vocals play over a latin infused waltz of dueling acoustic guitars. These guys have a truly unique sound and I hope they receive the needed attention they deserve. This is one of those albums that promises more hidden treasures upon every new listen. - Erica

Giant Sand - Blurry Blue Mountain (Fire Records)
25 years and counting....here again is a tall cool glass of Howe Gelb, master alt country storyteller extraordinaire. These songs make you want to keep driving way past Vegas to some sleepy desert town where nobody knows your name or cares why you came. Howe's voice is, as always, warm and inviting, his stories funny and intriguing, and the music a slow serenade of clean 'lectric geetar licks full of sparkle and twang. - Erica

aM - Belong To Galaxy (rocketgirl)
Contains a former member of the amazing Japanese group Supercar. Imagine a 60s movie about traveling through space, and you get this album. Maybe a little bit of the Tron soundtrack. Lots of electronics and guitars. --Tan D


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