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New in the KUCI Music Library February 8, 2011
by: Lily C

Fenech-Soler - Fenech Soler - B-Unique Records
This album is high intensity electro pop with fittingly dizzying, fully entrancing synths, pop hooks and melodies. The album as a whole is sultry, upbeat and glisten-inly glittery in a nature.

AB & the Sea - Run Run Run - Self-Released
This band first formed in Wisconsin. Most songs on this album seem to be written with a sweetheart in mind, with an almost doo-wop influence on top of that. The songs are sweet and pretty in their own respects.

Yuck - Yuck - Fat Possum Records
Most songs on this album are loud and scuzzy featuring "swirling guitars and pop hooks" while other songs have a softer more acoustic, twangy sound. While all the songs on the album are in some way revealing and sweet.

James Vincent McMorrow - Early in the Morning - Vagrant Records
James is an Irish singer who began singing as a teenager. His voice on this album is beautiful, informative, and at times almost raspy and knowledgeable. Each song leads into the story of the next, as the album progresses James delves into deeper and darker self reflection.

Five O'Clock Heros - Different Times - Glaze Records
This group is based out of NYC and this is their first proper US release. The guitar rhythms are bright, poppy and fun, while the lead singer Anthony Ellis' sings loudly calm while at the same time both needy and hopeful.

Agesandages - Alright You Restless - Knitting Factory Records
Agesandages a seven person band, comes out of Portland. Hailing as one of the Northwests more optimistic and enthusiastic bands. The vocals on this album are layered to splendid almost spiritual perfection. The rhythms match the fluctuating vocals while at other times gallop steadily alongside them.

The Twilight Singers - Dynamite Steps - Sub Pop Records
This album starts out creepy and desperate and then moves on to become more sonic and brooding. Most songs include loud droning guitar rhythms and drums.

Shipbuilding Co. - Radios & Flying Birds - Greyday Records
This album includes charming percussion and vocals, while also at times spacey including keyboard or organ sounds in many songs.

Jamacia - No Problem - V2 Music
We added pieces of this album a few months ago, but this is the full version of the album.



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