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New in the KUCI Music Library February 15, 2011
Ringo Deathstarr - Colour Trip (Sonic Unyon)
I?ve been waiting for this CD to be released for 3 years now, and it?s finally here. The first track of Colour Trip brings back Loveless by My Bloody Valentine, and a bit of Lush (due to the female vocals. The second track brings back The Jesus and Mary Chain. Now, I know lots of you are tired of bands that get compared to the two giants of the genre, but the album is really good. Their comment about writing pop songs, but burying them under loud amounts of noise is totally accurate. Most of the songs sound pretty consistent too, so pick one, and if you like the first 10 seconds, keep on playing it. --Tan

Sims - Bad Time Zoo (Doomtree)
From the collective that brought you P.O.S. and Dessa, here is the new Sims album. Sims has presents messages of hope over some awesome beats dropped by Lazerbeak. Start with the first track and work your way through, it?s all good. --Tan

Rachel Goodrich - ST (Yellow Bear)
Fun pop music! Start off with some upbeat vocals and a guitar, throw in the beat, hand claps and vocal harmonies. --Tan

Shugo Tokumaru - Port Entropy (Polyvinyl)
Shugo Tokumaru is a multi instrumentalist, and has put together a really charming release. The best way to describe it is if it was a soundtrack for a fantastic world for children. It?s really bright, with horns, strings, xylophones, bells, etc. --Tan

The District Attorneys
I think we can probably safely label this as ?southern rock? since these guys are from Georgia. Sometimes, they are a little country-ish, like on their opener, but generally they play slightly reverbed Americanaish pop songs. Maybe like early Band of Horses. --Tan

Banjo Or Freakout - St (Rare Book Room)
If you take some simple, well written pop/folk songs, and add a little bit of texture, you would get this album. I feel like this is one of those albums that needs to be revisited often to really gain an appreciation. ?Tan

The Megaphonic Thrift - Decay Decoy (Sonic Unyon)
Sonic Youth is a solid comparison, if you want to know what this band sounds like. Pop music with the right about of noise, riffage and repetition thrown in, along with the proper use of dynamics to make this work. --Tan
Freddi/Henchi and the Soul Setters - Crown Princes of Funk: The Last Set (Wind Hit)
Old school and awesome funk that veers a little more into the rock side on occasion. Good stuff. This record is a collection of their some back catalog between 1964 and 75. --Tan

Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers - Teenage and Torture (Knitting Factory)
It?s taken a little while, but this album has really grown on me, and if the energy translates at all live, it?ll be a site to see. This is a bluesy, rock record, and very enjoyable. The walking basslines lend themselves perfectly to Shilpa Ray?s sometime sultry, but always commanding vocals.--Tan

La Resistance ? Philosophy (Superphonic)
Sunny tunes both rock and synth (the shimmering alternates from guitars to keys and back), straightforward w/out being stupid. Occasionally psychedelic with high-rising choruses more like power pop. Lyrics aren?t a strong suit, but one doesn?t notice unless nitpicking. There are feel-good anthems here. --Julian

Hank & Cupcakes - HIT (SR)
If you want a dance party, you would do well to invite Hank & Cupcakes. The vocals are sultry and sassy, and electro-beats catchy. Hell, they?ll even try to get you to dance to their Joy Division cover (5), and will probably be successful. --Tan

Asobi Seksu - Flourescence (Polyvinyl)
Asobi Seksu attempt a return to their louder, dream poppy roots, but with the band cut down to just two original members, it seem to work out as well. It is by no means bad, but Citrus is a hard album to follow. ?Tan


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