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New in the KUCI Music Library
September 28, 2011
by: Paul McEldowney

Twin Sister - In Heaven (Domino)
If this album is anything, it is not cheap or lazy. Improving on the occasionally frustratingly homogenous retro-futuristic dance-pop of their contemporaries, In Heaven doesn't make the mistake of recycling itself. It's charming, original, confident, purposefully non-commital (in a playful sort of way) and light-hearted dream-pop that goes from mythological slow-dance jams to full fledged disco-rodeo.

Big Troubles - Romantic Comedy (Slumberland)
More glam cute heart-melting poppy stuff to satisfy your sweet tooth. Big troubles has a new jangly baby-pop album which fits in (with prepubescent awkwardness, teen angst, and all) with the current cuddly Slumberland records roster.

Pallers - The Sea Of Memories (Labrador)
Dreamy down-tempo and minimal Swedish electro-pop with ethereal detached vocals and sedative cinematic yet mechanical synthscapes. A true tribute to the lost sport of cloud surfing.

Youth Lagoon - The Year Of Hibernation (Fat Possum)
Snuggly cuddly hazy warm and fuzzy understated slow-paced electro-pop with space cemetary party type vocals and occasional da club beats. Refreshingly and consciously hopeful and innocent rather than naively angsty.

Memoryhouse - The Years (Sub Pop)
Cinematic melancholic and smooth minimal synth-pop with Enya-gone-edgy type vocals and warm synths that sound like they're from the You and Me and Everyone We Know OST. I've been trying to be less nostalgic lately, but this EP apparently does not want me to. Selective memory highly filtered in music form.

Savaging Spires - Savaging Spires (Critical Heights)
Disjointed cacophonous sad weirdo anti-folk with a subtle, but deliberate inherent melodic drive. Celebratory campfire songs where the campfire is the family barn.

Gem Club - Breakers (Hardly Art)
Minimal cinematic contemplative voice and piano diary-like ghostly disembodied and beautiful sad tissue-pop.

Shimmering Hearts - Violent Hearts (Hardly Art)
Sensitive garagey dream-pop bummed about the end of Summer. Even worse, she has to read Wordsworth's Composed upon Westminster Bridge, 3 September 1802 for the fifth time for her romanticism class.



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