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New in the KUCI Music Library
October 3, 2011
by: Paul McEldowney

Future Islands - On The Water (Thrill Jockey)
Cold mechanical super polished spaced out organic poly-rhythmic electronic chrome-pop. It's way more minimal and patient than their previous album, but it's still super cerebral like their previous album and it still retains a level of adorableness that has carried with them since their self-titled. 'All the national anthems played all at once in a bucket filled with water' still applies.

Emperor X - Western Teleport (Bar/None)
Triumphant, sentimental and extremely personal post-heart-on-sleeve collage type bedroom pop that is D.I.Y. in every sense. Whether live or on record, the Emperor X experience is goosebump inducing in its uniqueness and emotional and melodic inclusion and openness.

Still Corners - Creatures Of An Hour (Sub Pop)
Abandon all hope ye who enter. Just in case all the ethereal dream pop from last week did not satisfy your gluttonous lifestyle, here's some of the most cuddly, celestial, and delicate whisper-jams that will send you snuggling in the frozen abyss that is the 9th circle of hell. Apologies for any inconsistencies concerning the appropriate divine punishment for gluttony and whether or not listening to sedative electro-pop constitutes an act of gluttony.

Gauntlet Hair Gauntlet Hair
Underwater echo-chamber swirly SP404-based dramatic caught-in-the-rip-tide post-punk with a paradoxical industrial, hip-hop tinge. It's all super anthemic high-metabolic heavy splishy splashy stuff.

Holiday Shores - New Masses For Squaw Peak (2 Syllables)
Weirdo warbly hazy tropical button-up oxford synth-pop and then psych-out jam. I wish every spacey dreamy retro synth band had a Can-style psych out jam like Holiday Shores.

Talkdemonic - Ruins (Glacial Face)
Cinematic glitched-out tear-jerking violins into hip hop style beats crescendo-folk. It's super hopeful, sentimental, and like that all-strings System of a Down tribute band got in touch with their sensitive side.

Loney Dear - Hall Music (Polyvinyl)
Church choir type expansive delicate freezing cold one-man orchestral folk pop.

Acid Baby Jesus - Acid Baby Jesus (Slovenly)
Obnoxious nihilistic sinister semi-conscious baby garage party punk with zoological tendencies. It's like your kid brother who you made sure was into good music, and played guitar early, and played the punk music you're too old to play.

Pujol - Nasty, Brutish, And Short (Saddlecreek)
Sassy lovey dovey high energy garagey power pop. It's decadent like a super raw, sincere, over-philosophical, and sentimental cake.

Alvarius B - Baroque Primitiva (Abduction)
New solo release by Sun City Girls' Alan Bishop. As expected, it's a super mystical, semi-politcal, post-post-modern, border-bending, yet focused and wholeheartedly listenable. A total supra-historical-geographical gem.


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