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New in the KUCI Music Library
November 7, 2011
by: Paul McEldowney

Atlas Sound - Parallax – (4AD)
Deeply personal emotionally driven cosmic field trip bedroom pop outshining the Deerhunter brand in diversity and creativity. A friend of mine who is in Israel recently wrote about how he went to a restaurant where you eat in total darkness. No matter the meal, each bite comes with surprise, and sharing phenomological affinities with this experience is listening to Parallax — a continually surprising and rewarding anti-shrugged sedative sonic panorama.

The Prefab Messiahs - Peace Love & Alienation – (Fixed Identity)
Recently reissue of 1980's lo-fi perfectly sloppy psychedelic mind-bending garagey warble-pop which inclues a bunch of self-destructive live tracks and blown-out demos. Some really cool no-wave Dead C dread and Sun City Girls type freak outs with an overall abrasive post-punk 'tude a la the Swell Maps. There's even some nonsensical proto-dub. I want everything that I am apart of to be like this at the level of ethos at least.

Frank Fairfield - Out On The Open West – (Tomkins Square)
Paradoxically post-spatio-temporal rosin-dripping callous-fingered old time folk and blues 'true' in spirit and form. Emotionally engaging and empowering in a very immediate way, Fairfield reminds us of how his self-conscious historically informed 'folk' is structurally disruptive and activist regardless of time period. Listening to this reminded me of how much I miss the 'Old Weird America'. One of my favorite artist in Los Angeles, and he's playing at the upcoming Acrobatics Everyday mini-fest Open Melody.

Various Artist - Unheard Ofs & Forgotten Abouts – (Tompkins Square)
Compilation put together by archivist and musician Frank Fairfield from his personal record collection! Features folk music from all around the world from 1916-1964 cracks pops and all. Extensive and informative liner notes too. A true gem.

Amede Ardoi - Mama, I'll Be Long Gone – (Tompkins Square)
Complete recordings from the father of Cajun and Zydeco spanning from 1929-1934. The people at Tompkins Square can do no wrong.

The Dø - Both Ways Open Jaws – (Six Degrees)
Earnest and orchestral whimsical fancy pants folk-pop from France. From bleeps and bloops to harps and toy pianos.



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