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February 1, 2012
by: Paul McEldowney

Of Montreal - Paralytic Stalks
Always shape-shifting evolving and everyone's favorite 'I liked their Cherry Peel sound better' band, Of Montreal gets a little more soulful, spiritual, proggy, and cinematic, if that is possible at all. Expanding from False Priest, Paralytic Stalks is even more everything-at-once unexaminable alternate universe no-holds-bar golden years stream of pop and fun.

Gonjasufi - MU.ZZ.LE – (Warp)
As smooth as a warm glass of s?a ??u nành, Gonjasufi's newest is thoughtful inter-dimensional dense cerebral zoned-out yet cohesive soulful loungey hip hop. Listen as all of your Toonami memories flash before your eyes.

A Place To Bury Strangers - Onwards To The Wall
The newest relentless chainsaw-to-the-head fuzzy post-punky dark wall-of-sound EP by APTBS. Super melodic, catchy and entrancing walls of feedback as always.

Francois & The Atlas Mountains - E Volo Love – (Domino)
French-in-nautical-stripes raspy vocaled afrobeat tinged good vibin' indie pop. Imagine robbing someone's house very mellowly and the person living there is totally not caring, so you feel bad, but you guys just end up hanging out and watching TV. This is like the soundtrack to that.

Pontiak - Echo Ono – (Thrill Jockey)
Heavy beardy on-the-verge-of-dreadlock guitar-solo-in-every-gap post-riff bluesy stoner rock with some darker Black Sabbath moments. Makes you feel as cool as when you heard your first White Zombie song.

Shearwater - Animal Joy – (Sub Pop)
The wildest theatrical motivational timeless folk rock can do. Maybe if Rocky Horror Picture Show was really a serious western musical, I can see this being the score. I just want to see TIm Curry start a band to be honest.

Sharon Van Etten - Tramp – (Jagjaguwar )
Minimal charging, haunting, and hypnotizing therapeutic, melancholic indie folk that has more feeling and sincerity than every Lana Del Ray song combined. For those somber days, and is something that make will forget about the 80 degree weather outside in southern california.

Damien Jurado - Maraqopa – (Secretly Canadian)
Newest aged patient soft-spoken dreamy sensitive folk with some freaky bluesy moments.

Young Magic - Melt – (Carpark)
It's like every fun directionless dance song you ever heard but did not know who made it and slowed down 800% on audacity and then remixed.

Errors - Have Some Faith In Magic – (Rock Action)
Sentimental organic synth-based retro-futuristic groovy boogie in your booty post-rock.

High Highs - High Highs – (Rocket)
Forever summer, forever bummer, sedative, romantic wispy and disconnected dream pop.


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