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New in the KUCI Music Library
February 6, 2012
by: Paul McEldowney

Jesse Ruins - Dream Analysis (Captured Tracks )
Today I read an article about how scientist working in Antarctica have just drilled through four kilometers of ice-crust to a sub-glacial lake known as Lake Vostok. What is interesting about Lake Vostok is that its waters have been isolated from the Earth's atmosphere for over 20 million years, making it a closed ecosystem that has potential to contain all sorts of undiscovered life. Aside from the speculations that the lake may harbor even extraterrestrial life, the possibility of discovering new sorts of life is an exciting prospect, seeing that we know more about the air above us than the life below. At the same time, one cannot help but think about the potentially damaging ecological effects that human interaction has on the untouched biological status quo of Lake Vostok. The blurry lines between the natural and the speculative, and the paradoxically synthesizing and antagonistic acts and prerequisites of naturalizing or biologizing make these antarctic excursions even more fascinating. Exploring this relationship between human imagination, self-critical biology, and a discovery narrative, Tokyo's Jesse Ruins' new album Dream Analysis makes for a sedative ambient other-worldly yet nostalgic warbly electro--goth all-black synth pop. It's all hazy and difficult to view from any vantage point, making it a submersive and introspective listen.

The Lovely Bad Things - New Ghost/Old Wave (Volcom )
LA/OC's own rough around the edges all positive puppy dog grunge pop that is covered in denim from head to toe.

Air - Le Voyage De La Lune (Astralwerks )
Imagine a space lounge--a lounge in space--outer space. What music would be playing? After putting out another backseat zoned out pop down album which documents their love for making music perfect for space travel which includes lounging, perhaps you will chose this album? Only time and another Air album will tell.

Heartless Bastards - Arrow (Partisan )
Family time down to earth sassitude raspy sweet as honey blues-rock.

Bad Weather California - Sunkissed (Family Tree )
First band on Akron/Family's Family Tree records. It's fun in the sun escapist indie rock which were begrudgingly big fans of sublime and 311 back in the day.

The Submarines - The Shoelaces EP (Neftwork )
Newest short and sweet EP from cutesy play all day bleeps and bloops indie pop. There's a cool cover of Jesus & Mary Chain's Just Like Honey.

Imperial Teen - Feel The Sound - Merge )
Have you ever wondered what would happen if members of Faith No More and The Dicks formed an indie pop band? Today your dreams are realized. Here's the newest from your favorite 'has members of Faith No More and The Dicks' band which showcases their brand of grown up hook in every nook polished stuck in your head power pop.

First Aid Kit - The Lion's Roar (Wichita )
Country tinged timeless melancholic yet forward minimal and mastered singer song writer folk, whose strengths lie in a consuming heart melting vocal performance.

Opposition Rising - Aftermathematics (Opposition Records )
Opposition Rising is a fairly new band formed in December of 2010 by four well-seasoned veterans of the Boston Punk and Hardcore scene. The Band formed with the intent of mixing their favorite elements from all the sub-genres of Punk into one aggressive and brutal yet catchy sound with a strong DIY ethic. Matthew Suarez

Banner Pilot - Heart Beats Pacific (Fat Wreck Chords )
A Quartet of beer swilling, bookworm punks from Minneapolis who play the kind of gritty pop-punk that seems so synonymous with the Midwest. A little ofver 2 years ago they dropped Collapser, their 2nd full length on Fat Wreck Chords, which was so beloved that it even appeared on Punknews.org's best of 2009 list. They just toured extensively with Dead To Me and played FEST. Matthew Suarez

Dead To Me - Moscow Penny Ante (Fat Wreck Chords )
After 2009's critically acclaimed African Elephants, which was as much pop, reggae and dissonant experimentation as it was punk rock, Dead To Me is back with an album that revisits and updates the classic sounds that first caught everyone's attention on 2006's Cuban Ballerina. This is anything but a retread, though. Matthew Suarez

Retox - Ugly Animals (Ipecac Recordings/Three One G Records )
All that matters in the grand scheme of things is the band is not directly comparable to what has come before them. RETOX features members of some grand dick sucking accomplishments, acts such as The Locust, Head Wound City, Holy Molar, All Leather, Some Girls, Swing Kids, Le Butcherettes, Cattle Decapitation, Struggle, The Festival of Dead Deer, and The Crimson Curse. Matthew Suarez


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