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New in the KUCI Music Library
March 12, 2012
by: Paul McEldowney

The Men - Open Your Heart - (Sacred Bones)
There's probably no band that plays with expectations like The Men. While their prior two albums (both of which are pretty near perfect) leaned towards the dread of Dead C and psychedelia of Spacemen 3, the raw aggressive space punk outfit return with their newest album with a more country-tinged and classic rock no-nonsense attitude showing how little they care about classifiability and criticism. There's even a folk song in there because why not. Such an attitude resembles more of an outsider perspective rather than ironic one in a sense. There's something authentic and genuine in how their discography has undermined music making and production as some grandeur phenomenon. While being framed as a product of a fetishized history of post-punk, krautrock, and shoegaze, to the Men, they are just dudes hanging out making some jams. Ultimately, their newest is admirable in its down-to-earthness, sincerity and relatability.

Andrew Bird - Break It Yourself - (Mom + Pop)
Mr. Bird comes back with new knees weakening children's show ready baroque folk pop. Break in yourself is Birdo's first album since 2009's Noble Beast. Featuring a more stripped down, sentimental, on-the-road, soul-folk sound, it is OKC-ready to show off your sensitive, less pretentious, down to earth side.

Mind Spiders - Meltdown - (Dirtnap)
Melodic and mellowed out hypnotic dreamy compressed razor sharp garage punk with the vocal arrogance and theatrics of Jay Reatard.

Bear In Heaven - I Love You, It's Cool - (Dead Oceans/Home Tapes)
Celestial groovy space-filling moustachey disco pop that goes over and above the overfill of hazy dance pop in complexity and experimentation.

Poor Moon - Illusion - (Sub Pop)
Poor Moon is a middle-of-the-night nostalgic romantic jukebox yearbook-yourself 78 rpm era-bending folk side project of a couple members from Fleet Foxes.

Now, Now - Threads - (Trans)
Confident yet melancholic teen angsty indie rock liked by that one edgy person in high school you had a secret crush on.

Jandek - Indianapolis Saturday - (Corwood)
Jandek plays live in Indianapolis on a Saturday. Just as exciting, the cover features a picture of a cheery Jandek from his teenage years.


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