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May 21, 2012
by: Paul McEldowney

Fuxa - Electric Sound Of Summer (Rocket Girl)
Neu age proto-solar-eclipsical with dashes of super-moon sugar-sweet polished sine-square-decay core Krautrock featuring a pretty great cover of 'Our Lips Are Sealed'. To put things into a cosmic perspective, 55 Canchri E is a planet that is about 40 light years away from Earth. The special thing about this planet is that it is about 8 times the size of Earth, and scientists have recently detected reflected light from it, sharing some cosmic rays with its littler chip on its shoulder sister, the electromagnetic paradise herself. Fuxa's newest synchronizes light with light, culminating in the explicit electric sound of summer. If such large magnitudes force you into existential crisis, just remember there would not be any more meaning to life if the universe were smaller. At any rate, it seems we aren't as far from things as we might have thought.

Rayon Beach - This Looks Serious (Hozac)
Vibrant luminous kaleidoscopic mean-sheen 60s psych-pop post-solar-eclipsical rainbow throwup with equal parts "Castlemania" and Castlevania. And just like the material itself, Rayon Beach is neither fully natural nor synthetic, produced from naturally occurring polymers. And just like the post-Soviet administrative unit, Rayon Beach delivers organized and loopholed party mess.

Led Er Est - The Diver (Sacred Bones)
Not so minimal part-time-punks wave meets Chris and Cozey mascarade party and upside-down-cross earrings galore. Their newest album is way more throbbing and jarring than their previous restrained synth pop, channeling every way to keep your parents, spouses, or roommates away from your incensey poorly lit room.

Nice Face - Horizon Fires (Hozac)
Just as a warning or whatever, apparently, not even 'Nice Face' is google safe-search safe. Anyways, this is in-your-face (yikes) blues and bruised synth heavy droney garage punk.

Exitmusic - Passage (Secretly Canadian)
I read a paper I wrote about music a couple weeks ago for a conference at UCI, and the person that went right before me read his paper on the hit TV show Ghosthunters. He drew an analogy from post-colonial scholarship connecting Ghosthunters and a dangerous form of constructivist and oppressive historicism. There are no ghosts really, but we still hear them, feel them, and there are stories about them. In a similar vein, there is so much going on in this triumphant poppy dream orchestra album by Exitmusic. There are sounds coming from each and every directions that seem impossible to locate, and it's kind of both weirding me out and hypnotizing. Also, I tried really hard to refrain from including a Radiohead reference in this review, but nothing really worked anyways.

Bill Baird - Career (Self Released)
Deep-in-the-dirt down-to-earth carnivorous-plant-terrarium sprouting wonked-out keep-on-trucking proggy psychedelic drone folk that is more on the medieval times esque Robert Plant side of the spectrum in its classic rock bluesy ethos.



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