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June 29, 2012
by: Angela Taslakian and Michelle Ma

fawn - coastlines - quite scientific
personal fav of the week, loving the harmonies from the male and female vocals. super easy listening for pool time lounging, uplifting melodies and sounds. sweet indie pop energy. so easy to sing along to, loveee track #2.

hot chip - in our heads - domino
i'm guessing you're familiar with hot chip but if you're not, oowee. catchy baselines and funky beats makes you wanna shake that groove thing. check out the video for my personal favorite track off the album. also lovee the long track "let me be him" so melancholy yet uplifting, definitely emotional.. everything you want a song to be. "Always Been Your Love" features gang gang dance's Lizzi Bougatsos on backing vocals. a real treat of an album.

delicate steve - positive force - luaka bop
fun and light dreamy spacey experimental rock with no vocals. full of hope and deep sentiment. being a songwriter that records many of his friend's band, steve marion decided to use all his home studio recording gear to produce his own sounds and its result is more than enjoyable. very easy listening and even some groove in track 9.

mission of burma - unsound - fire records
full of feeling and passion, mission of burma delivers that early 80's post-punk sound, ominous and jittery. they've been releasing albums since the late 70's and are back after a long period of not being together due to one of the band members developing tinnitus. yeah, so i guess they played pretty loud. heavy sounds of heart and conviction.

ordinary lies - take out -
alternative rock band with catchy riffs. songs about loss of love, lost souls, longing for things out of touch.

black taxi - we don't know any better - (self released)
DANCEPUNK. good good good stuff. shake shake shake it to those indie rock, post-punk revival sounds. i want to singalong. different feeling from song to song, something for anyone with any mood, even. light and fun.

King devil - king devil
rough, honest male vocals vs soothing whimsical female melodies. very emotional, fun. feeling from track 9: sitting in a parking lot at night, in colder weather with the windows starting to fog up and a chill in the air. with some yellow light coming in through fogged windows from the street light. an album worth listening to, hard to find information on this band online..

the inner flame - a tribute to rainer ptacek - fire records
18-track tribute of singer-songwriter rainer ptacek covers. mostly acoustic tracks arranged spanning many different subgenres of rock. exploring feelings of slow melancholy, introspection, reflection. "lyrics are preoccupied with moral quandaries"

dent may - do things - paw tracks
"a wedding reception band on acid" haha! synthy, easy listening that warms the mood for any occasion, day or night. mostly light tunes here, with the exception of the title track which is a little darker.



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