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New in the KUCI Music Library
July 9, 2012
by: Angela Taslakian and Michelle Ma, Co-Music Directors

the drowning men - all of the unknown - borstal beat records
full, thoughtful and progressive indie-rock with hints of country folk, full of drive and grit of the working man. pushing sounds with the use of a teremin (!!), mandolin, even saw.

the henry clay people - twenty five for the rest of our lives - tbd records
boyish vocals over powerful punk infused indie rock. an album you could sit and listen to all the way through. bringing back those vibes of bittersweet youthful angst and restlessness. <3

dirty projectors - swing lo magellan - domino
very unique sounds. lovely 6-piece experimental indie rock band with dizzying innovation. sounds layered upon sound in each track. sweet and inspiring listening all the way through.

hot panda - go outside - mint
lo-fi indie pop orchestra sounds with slow melancholy soul-baring vocals about tackling negative outlooks as well as touching socio-policital issues. haha not make the songs sound bad or serious, i swear! more in an encouraging uplifting way, reflecting back on the name of the album :).

alberta cross - songs of patience - ato
SOULFUL sounds and soulful built to spill esque vocals. uplifting and visceral, wrenching feeling seeping from the tracks. kind of makes you want to close your eyes and sway your body and get swept away by the sounds. very emotionally packed.

audiafauna - grow down - self released
heavy inspiration from plants and maybe the living world around us. sweet, soulful female vocals and slow, gently sweeping melodies. nostalgic incorporation of folk, sul, pop and electronica.

saint motel - voyeur
dream pop, garage gaze. easy piano loops. very upbeat, uplifting, fun, tropical, big band feels. you can feel the energy just from listening to the album. sounds that would fill a big room with ease.

deep sea arcade - outlands - ivy league
strong kaleidoscopic pop landscapes here with shuffling sureness, sure to put a hop in your step.

tom schraeder - egoiste - township
electronic lo-fi folk rock with easy vocals from himself and a female. honest and unpretentious, sounds from an acoustic piano and drum kit in the right places.



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