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New in the KUCI Music Library
August 6, 2012
by: angela Taslakian and Michelle Ma, Co-Music Directors

matthew e. white - big inner (spacebomb)
wise songs about loving something in spite of the odds. slowww easy listening in a world of rushing from here to there. gentle ballads about love and hope with lots of muted brass sounds in the background. a cd i am okay with playing all the way through without thoughts of being elsewhere.

modern rivals - sea legs (self released)
experimental pop from brooklyn. harmonized background vocals with that youth feel talking about baring souls over a lush atmosphere of sound.

fergus & geronimo - funky was the state of affairs - 9hardly art)
a well put together album instead of focusing on making hit singles. off beat sounds with funny, light, slightly-childish light themes and samples.

redd kross - researching the blues (mrg 454)
hardcore punk pop without that seems to have roots from the right places as well as expanding further from those genres. not your modern day hardcore pop punk band. worth checking out

shy around strangers - shy around strangers - (self-released)
driven haunted vocals with a strong presence. singer/songwriter leads you through songs with emotion

caviare days - caviare days (self released)
groovy psychedelic rock, easy vibes from the 60's, laying in grassy fields with the sun beaming down on the flowers

dear joe - in every eye (truckland music)
easy folk/country feel to these rock ballads with crooning vocals. rich and filled out songs about love and disaster.

kirsten opstad - fear of swimming
singer/songwriter easy listening, smart yet simple lyrics that anyone can relate to. sass delivered by a unique voice.

builder of the house - i am a tidal wave (self released)
banjo filled, driven songs about finding yourself, searching for the spirit. bluegrass folk vibes


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