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Spotlight on J Pulaski
host of .innamissions
by: Barbara DeMarco-Barrett, host of “Writers on Writing”

.innamissions hosted by J.Pulaski , is a weekly radio program that airs on KUCI 88.9fm Mondays from 8-10 p.m. The show features funk, soul, jazz, hip hop, reggae, world beat, and periodic guest mixes. Tune in every week on the internet at kuci.org, at iTunes college radio, and at 88.9 fm in Orange County, California.

How did you find your way to KUCI?
In my last year of college here at UCI a friend of mine, Ben Klinger (El Dopa) had an on-going at KUCI first called “Extreme Possibilities,” then later “Radio 69”. I sat in on a couple shows, decided KUCI was for me, and then took the training course. I have looked forward to every week since!

Do you remember the first song you heard when you listened to KUCI?
I don't. However, I do remember the first record I played here...Deltron 3030 on my first 3-6am time slot.

You’ve been here a while, how has the station changed?
A couple of aspects...First, from a visibility standpoint I feel the station is much more recognized not only in the community but more importantly amongst students on campus. When I was a student it was a hidden gem. It's still a gem just more exposed. Second, from a technology standpoint. During my first several years here the media played was purely hardcopy format (cd or vinyl). However, now with advances in technology most shows, including mine, use all forms of digital media. Definitely not a bad thing; just how technology has evolved in the past 10 years.

Talk about your show. What’s the best part about doing your show?
Easily the best part is the privilege of sharing and exposing music with my audience. I'm fortunate to be at a station that is truly freeform and I can take full advantage of providing different sounds each and every week.

How has it evolved over the years?
Musically it has stayed fairly constant. I used to have more live guests but it was a challenge engineering a show while entertaining guests at the same time, especially with just me at the controls.

Do you ever take a break?
During the show, never. Only breaks are when I'm on vacation and that's not as often as it should be!

Do you take requests?
If it fits with the vibe of the show, I'm all for it. However, more often than not it makes me wonder if people are actually tuned into the show! With the advances of technology if someone really wants to hear a certain song they can have it at their fingertips so I think the whole "request" notion has dwindled through the years. I plan about 90% of my show but it's a must to allow room for improvisation and if a request fits in that room, all the better.

What’s the most interesting/funniest/bizarre request you ever received?
I know I had some bizarre ones during my first quarter at 3-6am. I think it's a rite of passage for us here at that hour — haha — but they have escaped me. I did get a 50 cent request when I was playing some dub and that was one to forget.

How did your show get its name?
It was a mutual decision between myself and a co-host I had for my first 2 episodes but he had to leave the country. I started out playing a lot of dub & reggae and the "inna" phrase arose out of that. Each show was also mission in its own sense and voila. The combination of the two words stuck and never had a desire to change it. Shouts to Dante Murao!

What stations are queued on the radio in your car?
AM570 sports talk..I'm a Dan Patrick listener in the morning and Petros & Money in the afternoons for drive time. For music, KCRW, KOCI, and of course KUCI!

Do you have certain music you must hear before sleeping or upon waking?
Not a must, but many a night I've gone to sleep listening to the sounds of Cinematic Orchestra, Bonobo or Burial. I used to have Toots & the Maytals "54-46 was my number" play as my waking alarm song for a while but I got used to it and it didn't wake me up as much as a jarring siren alarm does now.

What’s on your desk or nightstand?
Interesting question...Phone, wallet, watch, glasses, water bottle and a some flyers and cd's. Bored yet? Hahaha.

Is there a song (or songs) that you must play (for yourself) during every show or do you not allow yourself to do that?
Never. I have a handful of artists that I'll play regularly but my main focus is to never play the same songs more than a couple times. There' so much to choose from out there and part of my joy is to change it up on the regular. I can listen to the same songs on my own time but radio should be for constant exploration. If you find me playing the same tracks on the regular definitely someone call me out on it!

What do you hope your listeners experience when they listen to your show?
Besides keeping each episode a bit different from the last, I always try to maintain a flow from start to finish. Each show for me is like a personal mix tape for my listeners. Ideally, listeners will discover artists new to them and support them. That is essentially the purpose of radio dj's: We are a platform for the artists and have the pleasure of bringing our creativity to the mix. Without the makers of the music, we're nothing.

More on Jason Pulaski at innamissions.com, mixcloud.com/innamissions, twitter.com/innamissions, and facebook.com/innamissionsradio.

Barbara DeMarco-Barrett is host of “Writers and Writing” Wednesdays at 9 a.m. PT. She is founder of the Pen on Fire Writers Salon and author of Pen on Fire. Her story, “Crazy for You,” is anthologized in Orange County Noir (Akashic, 2010). More at penonfire.com. If you’re a KUCI DJ or Public Affairs host, and wish to be featured in this spot, email email Barbara .



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