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New in the KUCI Music Library
August 13, 2012
by: Angela Taslakian and Michelle Ma, Co-Music Directors

Royal Headache - Royal Headache Ė (The Syndicate)
Australian rebels, 60ís mod, 70s punk, powerpop, shake your hips to all the electric guitars you hear in your headphones as you exit the car to grab your surfboard, wear crystals on your neck, bleach your hair and get discovered on the beaches of Melbourne Australia as the next big it thing.

The Orwells - Remember When Ė (Autumn Tone Records)
These 17 year olds know how to make loud, bombastic garage pop, with scrappy guitars, distorted bass, and blown out drum fills, primitive teenage battle cries, getting suspended from high school is fun and cool, they donít take showers but girls donít mind Ďcause their cute in their Vans and tight jeans.

Spider Bags - Shake My Head Ė (Odessa Records)
lo-fi indie garage singing about ripped jeans and wasting life away, itís for those days where all you can think about is the blues but still want to be entertained and know the discouragement wonít last forever.

Deep Sea Diver - History Speaks Ė (The Syndicate)
This album will give you chills, itís a combination of piano filled sadness and pop happiness, soothing voice of a mermaid who came out of the Atlantic Ocean to find love.

Broken Water - Tempest Ė (Hardly Art)
Itís noisy grunge sedation, lost on the freeway because iphone is out of battery and canít afford to buy gps, just driving mindlessly, slowly filling up with anger but acceptance at the same time.


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