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New in the KUCI Music Library August 27, 2012
by: angela Taslakian and Michelle Ma, Co-Music Directors

dinosaur jr. - i bet on sky – (jagjaguwar)
DINOSAUR JR.! duh. recognizable immediately. this band has been around for 27 years and they are just as amazing as always. the band just has this way of manipulating sound and vocal melodies that strike your heartstrings with some kind of gentle yet firm force.

wild nothing - nocturne – (Captured Tracks)
taking joy in the comfortably forgotten past and present, tatum takes us on a sleepy, summer-heat filled journey. exploring new places and experiences with ease. mm.

van she - idea of happiness – (modular)
sunny infectious danceable tunes influenced with beach living vibes.

fierce creatures - catacomb party – (paper garden records)
ballad filled art pop taking you on a musical adventure through sparkly space and time. lots of wooooing as i imagine myself on a less PG version of a disney rollercoaster.

wax poetic - on a ride – (nublu)
mellow well produced alternative rock, easy listening for your afternoon. with lovely guest vocalists including norah jones and sissy clemens

ariel pink's haunted graffiti - mature themes – (4AD)
lo fi goodness, though less lo than before. chilled out music

song sparrow research – (song sparrow research
blending pop, folk, jazz and even classical to produce this fun and gentle warm sound. loose and light mood fills the room as you listen to the album.

Deep Time - Deep Time – (Hardly Art)
Austin-duo indie pop, almost tribal/siren like vocals, consisting of depressing break up tales with uplifting sensibilities, time to go to a baking party and drink tea in tie dye with imaginary animal fairies.

Nude Beach - II – (Other Music Recording Co. )
Indie classic rock New York trio, it’s modern dad music that us kids can enjoy just as much in a peanut shell covered floor hidden bar scene.

JJAMZ - Suicide Pact – (The Syndicate)
JJAMZ is an acronym using the first letter of each member’s name, Jason Boesel of Rilo Kiley/Bright Eyes, James Valentine of Maroon 5, Alex Greenwald of Phantom Planet, Michael Runion, and Z Berg of The Like. The band formed out of a karaoke night in Hollywood, it’s cute pop rock with saddle shoes singing about summer love, the perfect jam for a santa monica bike ride along the beach on a first date.

Blonds - The Bad Ones – (Terrorbird)
Hypnotizing intimate pop with romantic vibes, it’s a romance novel dirty book club meeting where all the readers are getting in the mood and dreaming of running into Fabio’s arms on a breezy summer day after riding white horses on a tropical beach just after it lightly drizzled.



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