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New in the KUCI Music Library
September 20, 2012
by: Angela Taslakian and Michelle Ma, Co-Music Directors

grizzly bear - shields – (warp)
3 years since their last release grizzly bear is back with rossen and
droste collaborating on writing songs together. bringing that
experimental rock sound with new vitality.

animal collective - centipede hz - (domino)
this new release brings back more of their experimental sound, pulling
from radio commercials and station identification announcements as influences for a white noise vibe.

azure ray - as above so below - (saddle creek)
honestly i just love maria taylor and orenda fink. listening them makes me wanna cry teenage girl emo tears, forever. pure minimal songwriting beauty.. reading this just completely sells it for me: "a sparser, more minimal and more electronic experience than past albums. 'we looked for inspiration from james blake, nicolas jaar and apparat in keeping the music minimal and modern but still working as a textural and emotional extension of the lyrics.'"

diva - moon moods - (critical heights)
the genre of this reads dance & house but that is not the case at all. i in no way want to house dance to this album, but there is a random electronic vibe carrying through. aside from that, very lovely "pochaunted-like spacey atmospheres" if you can picture that in your ear holes. cosmic ballads for days

monomena - moms
from skintercourse, track 7: "i guess it started it way back when you and i pretended we were just friends now i'm overlooked and undertouched i overcompensated for such and i can't get back to where i once was" wow. that just blew my mind. songs so good i want to listen to the lyrics.

beloved binge - pockets (s/r)
alternative pop rooted in punk rock. fun easy DIY vibe from band in seattle self proclaimed to have a hint of old Greek village mountain uprising..

josephine foster - blood rushing - (fire records)
culture clash, american woman having spent some time in southern spain, unearthly voice transcending us as listeners to another realm. check out this interview.

cult of youth - love will prevail - (sacred bones records)
"dark and pastoral, the band brings to mind a darker version of the Pogues, merging effervescent acoustic guitars and thumping traditional rhythms, with Ragon’s bellowing baritone adding an ominous spin to the bouncing sound. "

david byrne & st. vincent - love this giant - (4AD)
observers of the human condition, these two making music together
makes sense as you will see in the connectivity felt through their collaborations.

minus the bear - infinity overhead - (dangerbird)
catchy guitar riffs make for danceable well put together songs, returning to the more mathy sound of their earlier stuff.

calexico - algiers - (anti)
alternative folkier rock sounds :)

poolside - pacific standard time
mellow subaquatic dance music. chill summer socal vibes.

sea & cake - runner - (thrill jockey records)
synth washes rather than guitar riffs, the album takes on an easier feel than previous albums. elegant, beautiful, yet still experimental. very mellow vocals.. mm

family of the year - loma vista
kind of timeless modern alternative rock filled with unpretentiousness.


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