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September 25, 2012
by: Angela Taslakian and Michelle Ma

TEEN - In Limbo Ė (Carpark)
Itís lo-fi psyche synth pop with morphing keyboards and vocal harmonies that will have your blood vibrating the color of roses and wine before a two week romantic getaway to a mysterious place on earth.

The Liminanas - Crystal Anis - (Hozac)
Itís French goodness with banjos that will make you want to eat nutella crepes and watch A Midnight In Paris on a sexy date night in.

Timmyís Organism - Raw Sewage ROQ - (In The Red)
Itís lo-fi garage hooligan punk that will make you want to loiter around the recycling center and the public library but not dare step an actual foot in there wearing pleather boots and feeling all smart.

Seapony - Falling - (Hardly Art)
Dream pop atmospheric flirting sun-kissed music, itís spring weather flowers in your hair twirling in gardens wearing yellow and making the sun jealous.

The xx - Coexist - (Young Turks)
From the London trio, itís indie poetic numbing dance music of watching sunsets in slow motion, the rays striking your eyes with no pain, the tides beating warm wind embracing your whole body.

The Soft Pack - Strapped - (Kemado)
Itís a blistering pop rock cut that doesnít seem to heal no matter how many pineapple printed band-aids you try sticking on yourself, dancing with animal friends never seemed so fun until this.

Chomp - Buddha Jabba Momma - (Exit Stencil)
Itís lo-fi summer bummer garage rock with a malibu mixed drink twist that will make you want to twist and shout, if the nematodes from Spongebob Squarepants came to party, this is definitely the bait theyíll hook onto.

Helvetia - Nothing In Rambling - (Joyful Noise)
Itís a soft grunge lo-fi summer sweat-shop happening, anti-social nail painting with antichrist signs and colorful dyed hair pre-party contemplating life and death after eating chocolate ice cream with dark chocolate chips.

Turbo fruits - Butter - (Serpents and Snakes)
From Nashville, playing beach bum rock ní roll that will make you buzz and appreciate sleeping on hardwood floors that leave your back aching for days from a gypsy lifestyle minus the beads.

Ontonana Trio - Stories at the Homerun Office - (Sightonsaitomusic)
Ontonana Trioís Japanese translation means Three Grown-ups, formed by guitarist Kentaro Saito of Dynamite Club, lots of shredding guitars with a bluesy twist, singing about coming home late at night, will make you want to play baseball all day long with patched up uniforms before going out with pretty girls who donít understand english.

Maren Parusel - Trightrope Walker - (Requiemme)
From Germany, now in Los Angeles, itís electronic layered and heartfelt music, melodic pop that is the perfect sound to go fish tank shopping with.


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