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New in the KUCI Music Library
October 17, 2012
by: Angela Taslakian and Michelle Ma, Co-Music Directors

Ty Segall - Twins Ė (Drag City)
Ty Segall...or as I like to call him, the lo-fi garage-punk god himself...itís the 3rd album heís put out this year...pulling a Jay Reatard not only in his musical talents but also in his consistent and abundant album releases...this album is smart in a sense where itíll get you dancing because of the fun poppy melodies, however if you listen closely, the lyrics are sort of sad in a catchy way like ďthereís a problem in my brainĒ... itíll make you feel like a dog with x-ray vision and have you barking for more...and NO OPI! which is just another thing to get excited about!

Cusses - S/T - (HA!)
If punching bags on the dance floor were a thing, this would be the music to listen to while keeping entertained...itís cutesy hardcore power pop that sounds like a pink studded double edged knife cutting through lemon peels to collect zest for the perfect lemonade.

Gospel Gossip - Atlantic Blue - (Guilt Ridden Pop)
Shimmering shoegaze Minnesota rock... three songs with dreamy reverb and bone crushing distortion...when drugs are not cool anymore, this is the go to...a short fix of the good stuff...virgin pina colada in snow storm medley to pump your beating heart out of a daze for days.

The Casket Girls - Sleepwalking - (Graveface)
itís eerie synth pop that will have you riding your road bike in neon leg warmers under the stars on a not so light-polluted evening, passing by others with kitted flowers in their hair, nodding and smiling in approval as they do the same.

Artichoke - Etchy Sketchy Skies - (Greeen)
There are parrots in the sky but I am not confused...itís indie pop with a hint of rock n roll and a hint of The Shins, luck run high with subjects that range from the lives of scientists, bees, and an arkload of animals to Highland Park...itís easy listening and fun nights out in your car that is growing plants out of the bumper.

IIRIS - The Magic Gift Box - (EMI Finland)
Synths, pianos, pop sensibilities juxtaposed with unicorn tears that make for the perfect potion to get your shadow puppet hands to stop pretending theyíre birds in flight.

Mark Mallman - Double Silhouette - (Eagleís Golden Tooth)
Itís not easy opening for Guided by Voices, Cat Power, or Tegan and Sara, but Mark Mallaman does a pretty dandy job at it...itís the perfect fit to an unforgettable experience.


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