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Loren Connors
"Departing of a Dream Vol. 2"
by: Zero Sharp

Last year, Loren Connors (aka MazzaCane Connors) released an album loosely designed as a tribute to Miles Davis' "He Loved Him Madly." Fragile and floating, minimal accoustic gituar sounds drifted across other beautifully constructed bass and electric gituar sounds in a way that would crush any happiness within a half mile radius. In a good way. Now, he's released with a sequel to that album; this one's aptly named "Departing of a Dream Vol. 2." This album has many of the same ideas from the first. The album is basically one eight part song, although it's not quite as epic as it sounds. Again, it's based totally in sparse gituar sounds with the occasional percussion. Again, it's crushingly sad, but beautifully so. It's been suggested that the album should carry a warning label due to its depression inducing effects, and this might not be a bad idea. This album could turn even the most extraverted people into bullied, seventh grade bookworms. There is a bit of a glimpse of awakening but do not be fooled, it is transformation through sadness. If you're into that like I am, then I highly recommend this sublime album from a very talented avant garde blues gituarist. If you're not into sadness, perhaps you should stop taking your prozac for a day and try it?



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