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"Portakabin Fever"
by: Sun-J

Personally, when I go to clubs I hate hearing those redundant techno songs with the glitches and the constant beeping and clicking that repetitively distraughts your brain waves to death. Johnathan James, a self proclaimed ?techno artist with a palette full of genres? is major, yet he humbly resides on a small fledgling label. After previous releases on Deep Water Recordings, James moved his Bristol based Hombr? imprint over to Ninja Tune where he released several EPs over the past twelve months culminating into the formation that is Portakabin Fever. Incorporating hip-hop, funk, electronica, folk and even soul into the mold, James consistently displays an inherent ability to compliment broken break beats with enhancing, colorful percussions and multi-genre samples. ?Actory? the opening track is electronically transparent and has a moderate swing about its swagger. ?Words to that Effect? is a piano savvy driven medley with pieced beats luminating with respect to a brass glow. ?You Little Trooper? has a funk/folk sound to it, and ?Re: Percussions? is a fluid electronic, drum ?n bass number. The LP ends with ?Air to the Sky? which seems to be an ode to the break beat. Hint stick to his previous formula of mixing genres and meticulously placing them over broken beats to create a stellar debut for Ninja Tune. Now, if I can only find out what the hell Portakabin means.


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