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Yoshimi and Yuka
"Flower With No Color"
by: Zero Sharp

What do you get when you send two musicians to a secluded spot with a truck full of instruments and a good idea? Well, in the case of "Flower With No Color" by Yoshimi P-we (from the Boredoms) and Yuka Honda (from Cibo Matto), you get music that would have made a nice track or two lazily stretched across a whole album. The tracks are sadly mostly self-indulgent and full of noodlily effects. Some of the effects are nice; the bird chirps are well done, some of the singing is processed in cool ways, and there are some interesting gong sounds. However, this just seems to be two people experimenting without much care what kind of listening experience the end album will give. There is quite a bit of promise in some of the tracks, the new-age piano finally shines through in the song "Elegant Bird", and "SPY said ONE" does some interesting things with jazz gituar samples, but none of the tracks really hold together throughout their whole length. Perhaps the lesson to be learned here is that trips up the mountain need to happen several times to make a full album because they didn't get enough material with just one. In the end, the soundscapy feel waxes interesting from time to time, but it's been done much better by many people, many times. There's no need to waste your time here.


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