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Ugly Duckling
"Taste the Secret"
by: Sun-J

Three white guys from Long Beach are what Ugly Duckling consists of. Two MCs and one DJ to be precise. Back for the second time with the release of Taste the Secret after enjoying much deserved success from their first release Journey to Anywhere. As usual, their new album is packed with what makes Ugly Duckling enjoyable. Fun, charismatic, unoffending pop music. Smothered over 70's trumpet and break beat loops strictly from the 1993 period, they're fun loving, song story lyrics provide a much needed break from the usual brag-boast, "I shot yo momma, etc." songs which seem to be mundane in hip hop. The album kicks off with a song called "Opening Act" which highlights Ugly Ducklings early struggles as a group opening for Basement Jaxx , back when they were booed off stage almost religiously. "Abigal Silk" is a hilarious song which describes the groups love for unattainable women. This song is so reflective of what makes this album enjoyable. For once in hip hop there is an album which the normal fan can relate too. The main story line for this LP is about a couple of kids who work at a fast food chain and describes their desires and downfalls. "Tough Guy" is a genuine satirical song aimed at posing macho men, while "Potty Mouth" is sure to provide listeners with top ramen punch lines. Although this album is less jazzy, and more pop-rock than Journey to Anywhere, the trio makes a strong case for success in hip hop based on charisma, creativity, and honesty rather than recycled beats, continuous boasting, and unnecessary profanity.



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