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"Anxiety Always"
by: Sun-J

Who else to lead the pop synth revolution than a married couple from Detroit? After causing more than just a stir in electrolashes underground, Nicola Kuperus and Hubble Adam Lee Miller are back after two years since their last LP with another full-length release, Anxiety Always. And let us not forget those remixes for Fischerspooner, Felix Da Housecat, and most notably, the UK hit Death in Vegas. Though after all those successful twelve inches, and an even more successful debut LP, Resuscitation (which was basically just a compilation of those twelve inches), Adult has come back with a completely new sound. No longer are Kuperus' vocals masked by a vocoder as the duo heads towards a more post-punk direction. In fact, this LP even features Miller playing bass guitar. Instead of hearing that drum machine pound away effortlessly, Miller is there chasing down every one of Kuperus' shrilling vocals with riff after riff. "Shake Your Head" is a synth programmed, disturbing beats influenced number with senseless lyrics, "if you don't know ask your mother…/the end of guessing games." "Turn Your Back" is very punk sounding with Miller's emphatic bass guitar and Kuperus' rock-out-loud lyrics, "I'm out of time, out of tune." "Nothing of the Kind" is an eerie spaced out song with almost fruity loops type sounding samples coinciding with Kuperus' shrieking, "Walking in the Wind/too much space/Nothing in my mind, it's all erased." "Kick in the Shin" is the standout cut on this LP, and also the most violent (and that is saying something). It's the best dance song on the album and high lights the skill in Kuperus' voice with lyrics like, "kick in the shin/punch in the chin/where to begin. The duo covers plenty of new ground and will surprise cult followers alike with this release, though I doubt they will dishearten any fans.


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