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by: Sun-J

Rob Crow and Armistad Burwell IV are the dynamic duo that is Pinback. Pinback is a blend of pop and post rock with hints of emo (mainly from the lyrics), though what sets these two apart from other bands is their ability to display a more full, live guitar on their album tracks. Their new EP, Offcell consists of gentle harmonies and subtle hooks. For years Pinback had been repped up based on solo performances, so on this EP it seemed as if they tried to incorporate all the elements to give the tracks a live feel. The album kicks off with "Microtonic Wave" which blends a rhythmic guitar and dabbles into a river-rocking drumbeat, all which tremble under the eerie sung lyrics such as, "cauterize my scars in scum." "Victiorius D" opens with a guitar bass rhythmic flurry before swiveling like a helicase into a trembling, terrifying, tide tearing drum beat while incorporating start-stop, high-low sung harmonies throughout the track, "Angels suffering/ Angels fall from light/ Angels sickening/ Angels suffer." The title track, "Offcell" is tagged with a picked, staccato rhythm with sub par lyrics, "it's so hard to see straight sometimes," which are overlooked and forgotten once the fury of power chords comes in. Strong, full, and inquisitely on rhythm, the chorus truly defines what Pinback is all about. The following song, "B" is blatantly the most poppy song on the whole album. Quick verses, and repetitive, lazily strummed choruses take turns producing what is ultimately a catchy melody and rhythm sound. The last song, "Grey Machine" is an eleven-minute, musical marathon of string based scales and demanding rhythms. The EP is a strong showing from Pinback and does well in demonstrating and highlighting their strengths, live, and powerful, rhythmic music.


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