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Amon Tobin
"Verbal Remixes & Collaborations"
by: The Wally Llama

Amon Tobin's "Verbal Remixes & Collaborations" features a rich blend of some very interesting remixes and collaborations that range from the fantastic to the peculiar. It starts off with an untitled track by both Amon Tobin and Kid Koala, now if you're a fan of Kid Koala and even if you aren't I'm sure you'll enjoy this track. It's just so well done that it seems to flows like liquid, it features a lo-fi sounding piano, violin strings, and scratching. You can feel the down tempo sadness that this track incurs on anyone who listens. Next heard is "I'll Have The Waldorf Salad" a collaboration between Bonobo & Amon, it's just odd, and also features piano and a very tick-tock sounding beat but its too strange to place in any modern day sounding music. Third comes P-Love & Amon's, cleverly titled, "Hot Korean Moms" starts of with scratching and brings in the spastic beats. A good combination and sure to offer a good sensation for scratch artists and hip-hop heads. Following that is "Ten Piece Metric Wrench Set" by Steinski and Mr. Tobin, which is a robotic sounding minimalist piece that doesn't offer to much rhythm and is a bit scary sounding. "Ownage" by Double Click and Amon sound like a jungle track on crack, it starts off slow and then brings in the drums and then various noises, different but not necessarily good.

Now onto the verbal remixes, clearly the best song off his last LP, verbal was made to be remixed. First to the challenge is Prefuse 73 who does a very good job, his style is clearly present and any fans of Prefuse 73 will enjoy the well chopped up sample work. Next up to the challenge is Topo Gigio, he succeeds in creating my favorite version of the song, its sounds ghostly but this song could stand on its own with a new melody progressing though the entire remix. Now its Kid 606's turn to beat the beats. You can hear that he plays with the track heavily, it features crazy swipes, African chants, and some new melodies, he transformed "Verbal" into something entirely his own, well done Mr. 606. Last is the Boom Bip, which is a slower downtempo version of the original tempo complete with an acoustic guitar backdrop. Excellent in every aspect, each remix offers something completely different. This album is great, whoever said the remix was never as good as the original clearly has not heard this yet. Go out and treat yourself to the ear candy on this album.


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