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Kid 606
"The Illness"
by: The Wally Llama

Kid 606's the Illness brings home the flavor of melodic sythns, drumbeats, and a little bit of vocals, rolled up into one crazy CD package that includes the original 12" version and some bonus songs which vary from rhythmic to spastic. The first track, the title track, features a very recognizable scream from the sample also used in Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock classic hit "It Takes Two," but it's the synthesizer work that truly makes the Illness stand apart from his previous works. Of course he still does include his signature sounding spastic drumbeats and insanely fast transitions. You can hear the effort he put into the first track from start to finish, it's a work of art. The second track, "Ecstasy Motherf*cker," however is nothing more than a reworked oldskool hardcore song with a few added samples, which has been done before by many artists a thousand times over. Kid 606 says it best himself in the last sample added to the song, "I am a cliche."

The third track, "Maybe," a bonus track, is a treat for those IDM enthusiasts out there. Its features minimal soundscapes, the strangest samples, some of which befuddle the mind but doesn't add to much to the album as a whole. The fourth track, "Evasion," another bonus track, unlike the third, offers a very good composition that builds into an almost orchestral like piece, with traditional instruments being replaced by some fandangled Kid 606 invention. It's very good. The last song on the album is the eerie "Circumvent," which features noises coming at you with a very nice melody playing in the background. This adds a pleasant finish to an overall good piece of work by Kid 606.


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