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Meat Beat Manifesto
"Storm the Studio R.M.X.S."
by: Zero Sharp

The problem when people remix classic, influential music is that it's generally neigh-impossible to bring it back to the level that it was before. If nothing else, the new album of remixes of Meat Beat Manifesto's "Storm the Studio" shows how much from the original album has influenced electronic music in these 15 years. The best remix on the album is the first, a reworking of various pieces of the album dubbed "Cease to Exist", Dangers himself teams up with Ben Stokes to create a nice, dark, soundscape with a solid, minimal beat. It manages to keep the feel of early MBM with a few subtle changes, making a nice track overall. The best of the various remixes of "God O.D." is probably the Mellowtrons rolling, soothing mix which lets the beats flow where they will. The Eight Frozen Modules and Jonah Sharp mix both work to some degree, however, both have parts where everything in the music just doesn't quite work together. The High Priest - Antipop Consortium mix also never quite goes anywhere. Generally, however, the grooves on the CD are fairly solid, like the The Opus mix of "I Got the Fear", and there's quite a bit of potential dancability with many of the tracks. All in all, it's a solid release, and the treatment of the tracks does help to partially break it away from the original, but the lingering tendency to want to compare it to the original kinda leaves it disappointing.


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