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Chris Clark
"Empty The Bones of You"
by: Zero Sharp

"Empty the Bones of You" marks Chris Clark's sophomore full-length release on Warp Records. With his first release, he showed himself to be a worthy artist to be on Warp, but that was most of it; he sounded like the standard Warp artist. "Ceramics is the Bomb", an EP released in the mean time showed that he could actually be much more diverse than his first release had let on. "Empty the Bones of You" sees his sound evolve to something fresher, and more unique on the label. This time around, the melodic side has won, though make no mistake, that doesn't mean that the CD is light and airy, little could be further from the truth. Many of the tracks see layers added and removed simultaneously, adding a rather haunting feel to the song progression, and many of the beats and cuts running under the melodies are dark, harsh, and heavy. Under this kind of song scaping, things turn out beautifully. "Indigo Optimus" starts with a dark, minimal Detroit beat which breaks into harsher and harsher cuts. "Early Mass" features a metallic-sounding, stuck music box keeps looping until it fades into the background leaving a haunted shadow on the progressing music. "Gravel: (Obliterated)" is, perhaps, the near-masterpiece track on the album, though it is harder than much else of the offerings here. There is little doubt that Chris Clark has found a much stronger voice with this CD, but he hasn't quite recorded his masterpieces yet. That doesn't keep this CD from being very good, if a little repetitive. I would highly recommend this to fans of those wacky Warp people.



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