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Kid Koala
"Some of My Best Friends are DJs"
by: Zero Sharp

Kid Koala seems to know how to have fun. His new album, "Some of My Best Friends are DJs" is rather chalked full of it; there's a comic book, a travel chess set, and a long, entertaining video clip seeming in the style of "johnny the Homicidal Maniac" and the like. Similarly, the music is just wobbles and bounces through funny, funky, and off-beat samples. In addition to the chill-out feel that pervades the album, it's just fun; the old jazz samples, and the material sampled via turntable give the whole album a rather whimsical feel. However, we seem to be missing part of the artist. The whole album, which clocks in at about 35 minutes, seems to be all going somewhere, but it never quite gets there. Some of the gimmicky songwriting works better than others; songs like Robochacha are funny in addition to hanging together sonically. Others just disintegrate into odd busyness. Mostly, the album almost feels like an old-time radio program, which is by no means a bad thing. Looked at as a light-hearted comedy album, this is well worth a listen, however, I suspect that many won't be listening to it with that attitude. If that's the case, stick to his earlier release, "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome", his focus on the music seems to happen more there.


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