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Luke Vibert
by: Zero Sharp

In some ways, it was probably just a matter of time. Between becoming well known for his drum 'n' bass work as the off the wall Plug to the more classic style of Amen Andrews, in addition his work in twisted hip-hop as Wagon Christ, and well, himself, it was a matter of time before Luke Vibert released an album for the venerable Warp Records. Of course, the new album, "YosepH", is not in really any of those styles. Vibert casts his mind and equipment back to the days of acid techno, pulling out the old Roland 303 and filling the songs with its glory. Vibert's influence by and to hip-hop do appear here; "Acidisco" is one of the biggest examples of this goodness. The album starts well with "Liptones", a good blend of beats and the old, familiar acid licks. As the CD progresses, it just gets better. The second half is brilliant; it's some of the best, warm, fun dance music made in quite a while. "I Love Acid" is on a more subtle trip while silly vocoded lyrics float by while "Stan D'infarny" shines with its dissonant chords, echoes, and masterful yet bizarre beatwork. In the end, the album doesn't really bring much new to the table, however, it stays creative and never slips into the realm of cliche. If it had been released ten years ago, it would have been a masterpiece; releasing it now means that it's just a well-produced, fun, solid album.


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