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Per Second, Per Second, Per Second...Every Second
by: Sun-J

Formed when two members met in a 1997 art class in the modest Taunton, Massachusetts. Wheat collectively released a debut one year later. 1998's Medeiros was an indie rock release. Wheat were soon filtered, and then tagged with cult followings. The following year Wheat released Hope and Adams, which was produced by Flaming Lips boardman Dan Fridmann. At that point Wheat were low on cash and high on music so their album was a retrospective evolution of that. The group had proven to be strong recording artists, yet many felt they lacked stage presence. Taking a three year break from the studio, the group toured, waited, and understood.

Now 2003 finds the release of their major debut, Per Second, Per Second, Per Second...Every Second. The album is full of catchy riffs, captured harmonies, better mic'd drumming and features a better than marginal vocal delivery from first vocalist Scott Levesque. On this album, we find Scott in more of an operatic-rock form.

The album breaks open with the ultra-catchy "I Met a Girl." Driven by a quirky chorus, "I met a girl I'd like to know better, but I'm already with someone...," the song harmonizes through various filters and directional drumming. "Breathe" is a Beatles-like touch with its lead guitar and popping bassline. "These are Things" is precariously upbeat with a bubbling bass which bounces around dominating drums. "Life Still Applies" is a simple riff with a simple chorus (which is the title of the song), yet the vocal delivery is note worthy with its repetitive highs and lows. "Go Get the Cops" is a slow rock ballad for gloomy days, while "Some Days" features a wah-wah guitar which paints an alchemic disco rock atmosphere.

Wheat was a sensational indie rock band. True, they have morphed their sound (some people would refer to it as selling out), but the individual as well as group musical growth as come a long way, and has vastly improved in all facets. If you enjoy Brand New, you will definitely dig this album.



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