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by: Sun-J

Almost a mix between Amon Tobin and the Death Comet Crew, Diplo utilizes an ambient mixture of digitized layers, atmospheric sounds, Garage Band rock guitars and filtered beats. His loops sound as if they were crafted for Dizzee Rascal while maintaining a bridge to elemental hip hop. Diplo was born and raised in Mississippi and was influenced by his environmental upbringing. Clashed with his love for comic books, Diplo's imagination transcended into musical innovation and has branched off a DJ tree linked to DJ Shadow and RJD2. Currently residing in North Philly, Diplo made a name for himself as part of the Hollertronix crew, northern Philladelphia's underground hip hop railroad. Diplo is about to start a tour with RJD2 and is set to check in with LA on September 16th.

Known to mix in Nirvana and Lil' Jon, Diplo's debut LP, Florida is set to release on the 21st of September. The opening track, the title track, is filled with start-stop percussion, and heavy hip hop beats. "Sarah" is reminiscent of Unkle with its light piano and grinding guitar amidst a smokey atmosphere before a resounding trombone and pumping trumpet obscure the soundscape similar to the way a sunset would stain the sky orange. "Into the Sun" is very Massive Attack with its backwards sampling (of folk flutes) and reverse beat arrangements. "Way More" is glitchtronica with its brash kick drums, bombastic electronic bass and warm, fuzzy chords. "Diplo Rhythm" mystifies the memory as it conjures sounds from old video games, featuring a trio of vocalists who rap over the ragga stutter of the beat. "Works" is a stand alone track with its weary electronic jazz, and resonating organs while "Indian Thick Jawns" spices up the LP with its tabla infused beats and features rapper P.E.A.C.E. who blends well with the Indian orchestration. "Summers Gonna Hurt You" features the unsettling blend of male and female vocalists among an array of downtempo orchestration and a melancholic, ambient quartet of strings. The saga continues, from Shadow to RJD2, and now to Diplo. This brand of DJs are progressively invading dancehalls and raising the bar for other Disc Jockeys. Florida is a strong solo release from an up and coming DJ. With this release Diplo has officially established himself on the map and is sure to rock a club near you soon.


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