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New in the Music Library / January 16, 2007
January 16, 2007
by: Kyle Olson, KUCI Music Director

We have a decent amount of SOLID new releases this week. I hope you kids dig on them.

Matt & Kim – Matt & Kim (I Heart Comix)
“That’s Kim! I’m Matt! We’re Matt & Kim!!” was how this Brooklyn duo began their set opening for Girl Talk. They proceeded to smile their asses off as they tore through 30 minutes of bouncy, two-minute keyboards & drum synth-pop-noise blasts. If there was a continuum of musical duos, with Mates of State on one end (poppy), and Lightning Bolt on the other end (noisy), M&K would be like, 25% of the way from the Mates of State side. Seriously, though. Fun, squelchy, music blasts played by two happy people who are having an absolute BLAST playing music for you.

Menomena – Friend and Foe (Barsuk)
So these kids are back, and now they’re on a label. My understanding is that one of the fellows in this band has written his own musical software in order to play these indie rock (with the SUBTLEST electronic hints) tunes for your face. They’ll play songs for the rest of your sexxxy body, as well. I’d compare them to John Vanderslice? Subtle songwriting that is like ear-sushi. Also, they have continued their tradition of having album packaging where fashion trumps the hell out of function.

MV & EE with the Bummer Road – Green Blues(Ecstatic Peace)
These dudes, if I understand correctly have been rocking crazy freak-folk since way before Devendra and Joanna made it fashionable to do so. The reason they haven’t been more acclaimed is that they don’t make music that’s as accessible. But, it would seem that Thurston Moore, with his signing of them to his Ecstatic Peace label, has molded them into something a little more palatable to the public at large (in indie circuits, anyway). MV & EE calm this music “lunar blues”. To the moooooooooooon. Fact: I would like to go to the moon. Double fact: The moon would like to go to Disneyworld.

Six Parts Seven – Casually Smashed to Pieces (Suicide Squeeze)
If you ever wondered what would happen if the Album Leaf totally got it out with Explosions in the Sky and like, early Modest Mouse, and they had some sort of weird three-headed moon-baby, it would sound like this. Slow, narcotic, anthemic-sounding post-twang. Plus, this totally has a badass Viking on the front of it. Vikings are like, extra-hairy pirates. Pirates are cool right? I mean, especially since every ignores the fact that they like, raped the hell out of everyone. Why teach the kids at hot topic history when Johnny Depp is so cool?

Fuckwolf – Fuckwolf (KimoSciotic)
“Dude, John. This band is called Fuckwolf.” This, to me, sounds like LCD Soundsystem if you shot them with an elephant tranquilizer meets the second Liars album (the one about witches). It’s totally narcotic — Suicide-like repeating synth drug dances. It’s totally hypnotic and rad. I give it several stars on a scale of one to lots.

Clinic – Visitations (Domino)
You know what, man? I don’t know a lot about this band. They got surgical masks, and Thom Yorke likes them. That’s about it. But, I see their name ALL THE TIME, so I imagine people more knowledgeable than me love the hell out of them, and if I add it, you guys are gonna be all over it like stink on a dead dik-dik. That’s an animal. Look it up. (I know more about dik-dik’s than I do about the band Clinic. Don’t tell anyone or they’ll kick me out of the sexy Music Director’s club). They sound all spacey and cool, though. That’s probably why I hear about them all the time.

The Berg Sans Nipple – Along the Quai (Team Love)
So, I added one of my promo folks to my last.fm friends list because she’s cool and we listen to a lot of the same stuff. I noticed she had been listening to a bunch of a band called “The Berg Sans Nipple”, which sort of stuck in my brain because it’s total nonsense. Then it shows up in my mail, and is all M83-ish (with more butt-shakable beats), and on Conor Oberst’s label, and is pretty darned good. Plus, who doesn’t like nipples? Answer: no one. That’s why they put them on mannequins at the mall.

Dead Meadow – Dead Meadow (Xemu)
Re-release of the first album of this totally rad band of stoner-rock Sabbath-worshippers. Every track on here comes at you through layers of haze and effects boxes and just sort of rocks you into a totally comfortable beanbag chair of solid tunes. I want to get a beanbag chair for my apt, but Jessica isn’t so keen on the idea. Maybe I should get a love sac? But then I have something called a love sac in my house. Last time I was in one of those things, I was really intoxicated and watching “L.A. Confidential”. At the time, that interview scene seemed like the MOST INTENSE THING EVER LAID TO FILM. It was still rad when I was sober.

The Saps – C’mon Already, Start a Fire (Self-released) Compared by the promo company to the Cold War Kids and the Walkmen. It’s basically just straight ahead, good-time rock in the indie vein. There is nothing mindblowingly new here. Enjoy.

Dean & Britta – Back Numbers (Zoe)
This band is made up of ex-members of Luna and Galaxie 500. It’s chill, laid-back old school indie along the lines of Yo La Tengo or somesuch. Plus, male/female duo vocals are ALWAYS rad. Ask anyone. If I was producing the band, I’d be like, YEAH! SING TOGETHER! NOW DO HANDCLAPS AND GROUP VOCALS (every album I’d ever produce would have boy/girl vox, handclaps, and group vocals. Those = AWESOME!!!!!ELEVEN)

Rob Crow – Living Well (Temporary Residence)
Remember when I added this album over winter break? Well, now I’m actually SUPPOSED to add it. So, remember? Pinback? Cool? San Diego? Pentagram? Etc?



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