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New in the Music Library / April 30, 2007
April 30, 2007
by: Kyle Olson, KUCI Music Director

Word up, readers of internet music things.

Weíre in the middle of the KUCI fund drive. Hopefully, all who read this are either getting a lot of donations on this show, or are donating a lot of money to KUCI.

(Self-promotion: New issue of the hipsterbookclub.com goes up tomorrow. Read it, love it, send me saucy e-cards.)

I am tired. Letís do this thing.

Dan Deacon Ė Spiderman of the Rings (Carpark)
This may be about to become the hot, hot shit. Why? Because I say so. This dude has a table full of effects pedals, is a classically trained composer, has taped-together glasses, and from what Iíve gathered, he also has more than a few eccentricities. Now heís cobbled together this album of home-made electro-noise dancypants jamz. Imagine if LCD Soundsystem had no mainstream appeal. Like, if Devo were even bigger dorks. Electro-acoustic-experipop nonsense. While I canít compare the two directly, if youíre a fan of the new Panda Bear, youíll probably dig on this. Heck, if you like panda bears, as an animal, you may also like this. Unrelated: Here is a picture of a panda licking a hiney.

Elliott Smith Ė New Moon (Kill Rock Stars)
John of Minus Numbers declared Elliott Smith the new Tupac. With his second posthumous album (a two-cd set, no less), you get a collection of rare cuts, b-sides, demos, etc from the time period he was recording his self-titled album and Either/Or. Iíd put a joke here, but there a couple of KUCI DJs whoíd kill me for it. And Iím a coward.

Fridge Ė The Sun (Temporary Residence)
The more rock-oriented project of Four Tetís Kieren Hebden and his homey Adem (pronounced Ardem). Jason Pulaski and I have passed this album back and forth for a couple of weeks trying to decide if itís rock or RPM. Eventually, I agreed with his deduction that itís rock. But itís a fine line. It sounds like Four Tetís electronic albums, but with real instruments replacing the samples. Really mellow, organic, drift-off musics. I donít want to give any of you impressionable youth any ideas, but I have a hunch that some people to drugs to music like this. Thatís a darned shame (also a darned sock). Letís keep this stream-of-consciousness bandwagon going!

The Clientele Ė God Save the Clientele (Merge)
If you look at last.fm, and the list of ďsimilar artistsĒ includes Jens Lekman, Destroyer, Yo La Tengo, Wolf Parade, Camera Obscura, Animal Collective, Deerhoof, and the New Pornographers, you know that I would spit on your grandma before I passed on adding this album (and you all know I am very respectful to the elderly. Itís babies I donít give a shit about). Melancholic, yet sunny pop music that basically sounds like a picnic in one of those tree-heavy English gardens. If someone put this on while they were seducing me, itíd probably work. Itís all sinewy and lithe. God will have to wait until heís done saving the queen before he can get to the Clientele, though. Poll: can you believe that people in the UK care about the queen? Does that seem completely weird to anyone else?

The Sea and Cake Ė Everybody (Thrill Jockey)
After adding the Clientele, and moving on to this, I have to declare this the ďweek of narcotic summer-evening, sunset-at-the-beach popĒ. And you know what sunset at the beach means, donít you? FUCKING SíMORE-A-PALOOZA!!!!! Prepare to fill your mouth with marshmallow-y napalm and getting cold night cuddles (statistically proven to be the best type of cuddles in a recent Gallup poll).

65daysofstatic Ė The Destruction of Small Ideas (Monotreme)
I guess itís supposed to be written all one word like that. When your band has weird name hyphen/space/spelling, that means youíre either a shitty alt-metal band, or a post-rock band. You get two guesses which one this band is, and the first doesnít count (my dad would always say that, and always thought it was weird). This is post-rock (with a healthy dollop of jittery electronic touches), but itís a good deal more agitated than the DoMakeSayThinks and Godspeeds and Mogwais. Song times range from 4-7 minutes, roughly, and the playing can get more frantic in points than anything in all of those previously mentioned bands categories. But, they seem to have gotten that in exchange for the mountain-toppling crescendos of those bands. Itís a trade off. It has dynamics, but nothing thatís going to make you lose bowel control.

Page France Ė Page France and the Family Telephone (Suicide Squeeze)
The last time I added an album by these sunny, retro-pop-loving, Kinks-fan, indie-rockers, you guys seemed to dig it. So, Iím doing it again. If it worked the first time, just do it next time. Some sort of crude sexual joke goes here, but I donít have the inclination to actually think it up.

Various Artists Ė Play (DeSoto)
This little comp is ďchildrenís musicĒ but, as they put it, itís for ďcool kidsĒ. Bands like Mudhoney, Anna Oxygen, Mirah/Tara Jane OíNeill, Supersuckers, etc. play songs with names like ďI Like to Make Noise and Break ThingsĒ, ďNellie the ElephantĒ, ďBounciní PartyĒ, etc. Itís endearing. If I planned to ever have children, Iíd totally play them this. As it stands now, Iíll just have to be a cool uncle, and let them watch R-Rated movies when they visit. (Bonus: proceeds from the sale of this album goes to charity. Iím a sucker for charity albums.)

Fields Ė Everything Last Winter (Black Lab)
Iíve been hearing a lot about this band lately. My Bloody Valentine comparisons pop up a lot (but what doesn't get compared to them anymore?). I guess some of the members are from Iceland, as well. So theyíre going to have that glacial feel to their album. Iím pretty much done here. Wait. Not yet. OK. Now Iím done.




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