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New in the Music Library / May 21, 2007
May 21, 2007
by: Kyle Olson, KUCI Music Director

Welcome to the slums/blurbs of Shaolin,

I have no idea what I'm talking about.

I hope you all had excellent weekends. I got to go to a pretty rad Simpsons screening party because my old cohost is dating one of the directors. The In-n-Out truck was there! Free burgers and cartoons: I am glad I have cool friends who lead exciting lives. I can always jump on the coat-tails of their awesomeness.

I just watched John take a swig of Dexter Holland's hot sauce. That is not a euphemism.

Je Suis France Afrikan Majik (Antenna Farm)
There are a lot of bands I get CDs from, and they try to be all "zany" and such, and it comes off as super pathetic. Then you get a CD that has a bunch of nonsense on the cover (including the Power Glove), and the CD itself has a picture of Shaq saying "Just be friends" next to a tap-dancing, handlebar-moustached Africa, and it just blows your mind so hard you go blind for 34 seconds. The promo company compared this band to Oneida, Acid Mothers Temple, and Ween. Not so much AMT, but the others I am on board for. The first track ("Sufficiently Breakfast") is a 16 minute long trancey jam-out, but after that, things get a bit more radio friendly. This CD is all over the damned place, and is completely charmingly goofy in its 7 minute pop-krautrock 80s keyboardy jamathons. So. Rad. Totally the most interesting album I got this week.

Parts & Labor Milemarker (Jagjaguwar/Brah)
I don't listen to a lot of really abrasive music. Like, I have some select albums, but for the most part, my tastes lead me to more melodic things. Lightning Bolt are sort of an exception as they have a healthy dollop of melody to the wall of sound. This band goes even further along that melody-noise ratio path. Like a far more accessible Lightning Bolt, Parts & Labor have actual song-structure and singing and such, but still manage to crank out some SOUNDZ. Good soundz. Etc.

Jana Hunter There's No Home (Gnomonsong)
It's on Devendra Banhart's label, and they've done a split with him. It sort of sounds like that but less "freaky". Is that enough to describe it? Yes? Good. Let's move on. I got places to be.

The National Boxer (Beggars Banquet)
So, all the music websites I read are completely fellating this album right now. So, I figure I may as well add it so you can make up your own mind. This could be one of those albums I'm "wrong" about. I dunno. It sounds like normal indie rock with a fake British accent. I dunno. I'm sure this is the best album ever, though, and I'm just not good at my job. By the way: my Word program doesn't recognize the word "fellating". What's up with that?

The Ladybug Transistor Can't Wait Another Day (Merge)
This one wills my FDA of heartbreakingly endearing pop music. This cookie I'm eating is heartbreakingly tasty. I'm reading to go get dinner because I'm heartbreakingly hungry. I'm also heartbreakingly tired. And so on, in that fashion.

The Handsome Furs Plague Park (Sub Pop)
Yet another Wolf Parade side project band. Make it less histrionic and a little more electronic-based, and you are there. Doesn't it seem like there's already a band called the Handsome Furs? Maybe I'm just thinking of that OTHER Furs band. You know the one. That one from a while ago. KnowwhatI'msaying.

Voxtrot Voxtrut (Playlouder)
This is another one of those bands that's getting a lot of press recently. More indie. For fans of Tapes 'n Tapes, Band of Horses, Camera Obscura, etc. This is pretty durned good. I am pretty durned tired. And pretty durned hungry. And so on, in that fashion (RUNNING JOKE!).

The Sheds You've Got a Light (Self-released)
Umbrella Weather Erin asked really nicely for me to add this album, and so I have. They describe themselves as "folk electropop". Sort of sounds like the Magnetic Fields versus Wolf Parade, with Magnetic Fields kicking ass. Since Erin so lovingly wrapped my car in miles of yellow caution tape, I feel I should do her the kindness of adding a CD by a band she's really into it. Enjoy.

Sorry this was so lame. I'll try harder next week. Or maybe I won't. You ain't the boss of me.





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