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New in the Music Library / May 28, 2007
May 28, 2007
by: Kyle Olson, KUCI Music Director

Happy memorial day, everybody.

These blurbs are going out mighty early because, well, I have a day off from work and want to get any obligations out of the way so I can get back to watching the History Channel's "Band of Brothers" marathon while I sit in a kiddie pool full of margarita. I am also not at the station. My KUCI spotlight has increased my ego to Howard Hughes proportions, and I am currently holed up in my germ-free mansion. Feel free to visit, but wear something you don't mind having burned for cleanliness' sake. You will be provided a white cotton jumpsuit. Fear not. These CDs will be added to the library when my sanitized travel bubble has been prepped for my departure.

Xiu Xiu Remixed & Covered (5RC)
On 5RC's swan-song recording, the Xiu to the motherfuckin' Xiu put out a mid-career collection of friends and lovers doing remixes and covers of their work. The covers disk features such hits as Saturn, Apistat Commander, the Wig Maker, and Support Our Troops as performed by Oxbow, Sunset Rubdown, Why?, and Devendra Banhart. Oh, and if you play the Her Space Holiday cover of "I Luv the Valley, OH!", make sure you dedicate it to Scene & Heard Vivian. She loves the hell out of it. The remix CD has Gold Chains, Kid 606, This Song Is a Mess But So Am I, To Live & Shave in LA, etc. This double-album has dancey electronic moments, and wall of noise, terrify a puppy moments. There's probably something for everyone on this set of CDs. Unless you are like, waiting on an organ donation or something. There's a lot on this CD, but it doesn't have your new kidney. You still have to wait for that.

The Pipettes Your Kisses Are Wasted on Me (Cherrytree/Interscope)
Here's a little teaser EP for the upcoming Pipettes full-length which is set to arrive sometime in the near-future. Combining traditional girl-pop sensibilities with a certain indie-twee aesthetic, this trio of lovely, UK-based lasses are getting a sick amount of hype. Fans of the Camera Obscura, Go! Team, 50's pop styles will swoon with hearts aflutter. Plus, if you REALLY fall in love with their brand of sweet retro-pop, they are playing in the SoCal area near the beginning of June. So, go ahead and express your devotion in a way that's sure to get you another restraining order to add to your scrapbook, you creepy fucking weirdo.

Trembling Blue Stars The Last Holy Writer (Elefant)
This band is the latest project of ex-Field Mice vocalist Robert Wratten. The internet tells me that the TBS's "are characterized by slow songs with jangly guitars and introspective, painful lyrics". There has to be a better way to explain that the music is on the sad side, and is honest and revealing. "Painful"? That's terrible. Hahaha. If you're a fan of the aforementioned Field Mice, or bands like Low, the Orchids, and staring out of windows on rainy days and pining: this could be the band for you. Song titles like "The Coldest Sky", "Darker, Colder, Slower", and "Say Goodbye to the Sea" should probably be a little indicative of the album you're about to get into. Slow, beautiful and emotional rainy day music.

Chow Nasty Super (Electrical) Recordings (Omega)
This is a slightly difficult-to-categorize album. It feels a little like the old type of r&b/rock and roll/James Brown stuff with horn-lines, lots of percussion, vaguely blues-based, and an over-hyped vocalist. But, it also has a certain garage-rock feel to it. Additionally, it's produced by Stones Throw mastermind Peanut Butter Wolf. Sort of like !!!, I guess. Intended to be played loudly, and in public would be my guess. My guess is also that they're better live than on CD. They are playing at the Casbah in the near future, as well. (Bonus: they're playing with San Diego local band Barfer, whom I had the immense pleasure of seeing on Friday night. Have you ever been licked chin-to-nose by a tattoo'd gentleman wearing a vaguely anatomically-correct fur diaper? Oh. You have? I guess I have nothing new for you, then.)

The Choir Practice The Choir Practice (Mint)
So, bands with choir vocals is becoming a bit of a trend. Polyphonic Spree, I'm From Barcelona, and the twenty or so YOU know about that I'm not cool enough to be familiar with. The way Choir Practice differentiates themselves from those other bands is that this is actually choir music, largely. Rather than having a pop band with a choir of voices behind it, this is a choir of voices with some pop music behind it. Features members of A.C. Newman's (New Pornographers) solo band, P:ano, and Love and Mathematics, this is probably unlike things you've heard before, so give it a shot. Vocal focus with sparse pop-leaning piano or guitar accompaniment. Glee cub stylee.

Lavender Diamond Imagine Our Love (Matador)
You guys like Lavender Diamond, right? Beautiful female-fronted folk? I thought you did.

I vanish like POOF.





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