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New in the Music Library / June 4, 2007
June 4, 2007
by: Kyle Olson, KUCI Music Director

Hey folks,

Sorry for the lack/delay of blurbs. Last night when I came to the station, I felt it was a better use of my time to talk to John about Twin Peaks (I have formed a religion around Agent Cooper. WWACD?). Then, I realized the time, decided I wanted dinner, and wandered off. So now I am writing this at work, and it’s not gonna be amazing, but you’ll at least know what you’re supposed to like, right? I promise I’ll do one last good job before I quit this gig. Don’t want to go out on a half-assed note, right?

Architecture in Helsinki – Heart It Races (Polyvinyl)
The new single from Australian prog-poppers AiH. Features remixes from DJ /Rupture, as well as Pacific NW dance machine/sweater connoisseur YACHT. In an effort to capitalize on the massive success of their song “Do the Whirlwind”, they sort of did a song that sounds a lot like it. But, honestly, why mess with success? Like these blurbs. I COULD edit them and take out spelling errors, sentence fragments, and correct verb tense, or…I dunno….try to get them to make sense, BUT, since they already rule so intensely hard, why mess with that? Basically, this song, and it’s remixes, will get the cute, book-readin’ girls and shy whale-sweatered boys on the dance-floor, you know? Boo. Yah.

Art Brut – It’s a Bit Complicated (Downtown)
You know what I hate about myspace (well, one of dozens), is that it makes bands lazy. Why work on an up-to-date, pleasant looking website when you can just squeeze off some myspace bulletin, or tour dates or whatever. Just an observation I made when looking up info on the new Art Brut album. These blokes (see how I reference their UK-itude?), throw down some angular indie-post-punk-rock-whatever that sounds like a mix of the Fall and…something else. Franz Ferdinand or something. I dunno man, I’m at work. Give me a break.

Black Diamond Heavies – Every Damn Time (Alive)
The promo company compared them to Tom Waits, Lou Reed, etc.etc. And I put it in and went “Oh shit. Yeah. Good call, promo company.” They also used the terms “pentacostal” and “demon-posessed”. I was listening to the first track as it roils and builds energy with a revival-church-style energy, and I totally flipped my shit and attacked a cub scout. Then I had to write ANOTHER apology letter to the cub scouts (I’m going to start a scrap book of all the letters of apology I’ve had to write to youth organizations.)

The Loose Salute – Tuned to Love (Graveface)
New band from some of the dudes in Mojave 3. For fans of old school sunshine California pop (Mamas and the Papas, Byrds, etc.). This CD has that completely beautiful feeling of just listening to the oldies station at the beach, and watching the sun set into the ocean and just…wait….I’m going into my hippie mode. Apologies. Seriously, though, this album is a slice of lightly psychedelic shimmering 60s pop with boy-girl harmonies and beauty. I. Am. Digging it.

Matt Pond Pa – If You Want Blood (Altitude)
Is this too big? He was on the OC or whatever, right? Well, I’m sure someone will let me know. At any rate, here’s some pseudo-twang indie rock for you. I really need to get back to work. Ha. How did I end up with a second number four?

They Shoot Horses Don’t They – Pick Up Sticks (Kill Rock Stars)
I really wanted this blurb to just read “Yes, they do.” And then I’d move on. That’d have been funny, right? But then I couldn’t have told you how they’re from Canada, and there’s like, six of them or something, and they’ve played with the Unicorns and Xiu Xiu and their live shows are supposed to be really good, and it’s kind of noisey indie rock. And then I would have had to gone back to work, as opposed to just slamming away at my keyboard in what appears like work to the people around me.

Fourth of July – Fourth of July on the Plains (Range Life)
Remember that band White Flight? And how it had folks from the Anniversary in it? Well, this is what happened to the rest of them, I think. And they’re on the same label. I hope they are still friends. To be honest, when I read that they compared themselves to Palace Brothers and stuff, I was expecting something sort of snoozersville. But it turned out to be an upbeat little indie rock pop out album. I think you’ll dig it. PLUS, they have the GZA in their myspace top X. He’s the master of the liquid sword. I don’t know if you knew that.

Dappled Cities – Granddance (Dangerbird)
Indie/artrock/pop from the land down under (Australia…not aych ee double hockey sticks). Plus one of the guys in the band is claiming to be named “Tit Tittycourt”. Points for that.

Back to work.




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